Best Combat Skills for Farming OSRS Gold

Charlotte Miller

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All you need to know about the best combat skills for OSRS Gold farming.

Except for the Prayer skill, an exceptional combat skill that only acts as a gold sink when it comes to profitability, you can farm OSRS gold with all the combat skills. Some skills are more efficient for specific methods than others. For example, you can kill Vorkath (one of the best moneymakers in OSRS) using either melee or range. The expected OSRS GP per hour differs based on the skill or method you use, even when killing the same target. This is because monsters can be more vulnerable to one attack style than the other. It can drastically affect the kill time, hence more or less kills you can get per hour.

Looking At Range, Melee, and Magic

Another factor influencing your kill count (KC) per hour is your level in the respective combat skill. Gear is a factor you need to take into consideration. If you own excellent Melee gear but lack good Ranged gear, it’s better to farm some OSRS GP with melee before investing in ranged gear. Whether you want to use Melee, Magic, or Range for farming OSRS gold, you will use consumables like food and potions for all three styles. On top of this, you will use either weapon charges or ammunition for range and charges or runes for Magic. From this perspective, Melee is the cheapest way to go when we look at it. When we look at the cost of the best in slot (BIS) gear, Range is the most expensive.

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Using Multiple Combat Skills is the Norm

Besides using single combat skill methods, there are ways of farming OSRS gold that require you to use multiple combat skills. The combat skills in OSRS are the skills that contribute to your Combat level: Attack, Strength, Defense, Hitpoints, Prayer, Magic, and Range. Considering Defense and Hitpoints when farming OSRS GP through combat shows how these two combat skills can lengthen your trips’ duration and help you save on food.

The Usefulness of Magic When Farming OSRS gold

Magic has a unique status when we look at the Combat skills. It can be used as a Combat skill to directly deal damage to the enemies. It can also be used as an aid. This is because Magic comes with a lot of valuable spells. On the one hand, some teleports can make your life easier by saving you time (less running time means more combat time). They are helpful, but unless you’re a restricted Ironman, you can buy teleport replacements from the GE in the form of teleport tablets or scrolls for most of the teleports. On the other hand – and this is where things get interesting – there are the combat aid spells such as level 94 Vengeance or 84 Teleblock.

While Teleblock is beneficial for PvP scenarios, Vengeance is a spell that you can take advantage of both in PvP and while bossing, as it will reflect a good portion of the damage taken. Needless to say that this results in more inflicted damage and more KC per hour.

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The Offensive Combat Skills

Here are some combat activities for which you will use your offensive combat skills to farm gold:

  • For Melee: Kill Vorkath with a Dragon Hunter Lance
  • For Magic: Kill the Kraken or Zulrah
  • For Range: Kill Nex, Lizardman Shaman, The Alchemical Hydra, or Vorkath with a Dragon Hunter Crossbow or Blowpipe

Some activities require a combination of two offensive combat skills:

  • The Nightmare: Melee plus Magic
  • Demonic Gorillas: Melee and Range
  • Thermy:  Melee and Magic
  • Zul’rah: Magic plus Range
  • The Kalphite Queen: Range and Melee

Here are the activities that require you to use all your skills:

  • Theatre of Blood
  • Last Man Standing
  • Chambers of Xeric

Prayer: A Worthy Long Term Investment

Prayer is the combat skill you will have to invest OSRS GP on. This is because a high Prayer level is not only a requirement for using high-level Prayers, like level 70 for Piety, 74 for Rigour, and 77 for Augury. These are Prayers that will significantly increase your Melee, Range, and Magic Defense/Attack, therefore, quickening your kill speed and KC per hour. There are lower-level alternatives to these prayers. Still, unless you’re an Ironman who’s dependant on good MG to get them, you shouldn’t think twice about unlocking the highest level ones as they will make all of the combat money makers more efficient. Besides the boosting Prayers, most high-level combat situations require you to use Protection Prayers: Protect from Magic, Protect from Range, and Protect from Melee.

The higher your prayer level is, the higher the maximum Prayer Points you’ll have. But where the Prayer level can make a difference in saving you a ton of OSRS gold is when it comes to the Prayer-restoring potions: Prayer Pots, Super Restores, or Senfew Serums. These potions are all expensive, and you will use many of them. The amount of prayer points they restore with each sip is directly linked to your Prayer level. The higher your level, the more points they restore. This means that the higher your prayer level, the fewer prayer restoring potions you’ll have to use. This will save you a ton of OSRS GP in the long run as you will use less of arguably the most expensive consumables. Therefore, the more you invest in training your Prayer skill to a high level, the more you will save long term.