Benefits Of Immigration To Malta

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Benefits Of Immigration To Malta

For those who have at least once visited Malta for traveling  and fell in love with this country on the Mediterranean Sea, it will be useful to know that you can get a Maltese passport within 1-3 years by investing certain money in the economy of the state: 

Making an investment of 750 thousand euro or more in the national development fund, you can get citizenship in a year. If you invest 600 thousand, you will be granted a Maltese passport in 36 months. If you are willing to invest only 100,000 euros, you will be allowed to become a citizen of Malta only after 5 years. Another condition: you and your family must reside in Malta before obtaining citizenship, which means you will have to invest in residential property. Why is this state so attractive to big investors from all over the world?

Main Malta citizenship benefits

According to specialists of Immigrant Invest the status of citizen of Malta has undeniable advantages and is the top in Europe. Investment in the Maltese passport in the amount does not reach 1 million euro, which is cheaper than in other countries. Malta’s investment proposition is also attractive for other reasons:

  • developed financial sector and tax incentives for foreign entrepreneurs, which is favorable for doing business;
  • modern infrastructure: well-established education system, medicine, the tourism sector;
  • opportunity to visit more than 165 countries of the world without visas, ID card owners have the right to freely cross the borders of the Schengen area;
  • beautiful nature, clean air and water;
  • hospitable, cheerful, hospitable Maltese people.

If you are interested in Maltese citizenship by investment program, find out who and how can become a citizen of this country and move there for permanent residence in the next year or two. As an expert of Immigrant Invest Zlata Erlach indicates, the procedure is not complicated, but requires time and substantial financial investment.

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Who can invest

To become a citizen and receive the advantages of immigration to Malta, you must meet the following requirements

  • age: 18 years or older;
  • no criminal convictions or international sanctions for all your family members who are included in your application;
  • your guarantee of support of your family members who will live with you;
  • availability of certain amounts to invest.

Two ways to invest for immigration to Malta are available: permanent residency and citizenship.

The main differences between the ways to immigrate to Malta

What is the difference between permanent residence and citizenship? In the first case, the processing time takes up to 4 months, in the second – from 1 year. With a permanent residence permit you will have to renew the status every five years, to live in the EU and visit foreign countries without a visa is impossible. Citizenship provides all of these opportunities.

To obtain a permanent residence permit for investment you need to do all of the steps in this list:

  • invest in government securities from 250 thousand euros;
  • pay the official fees – 30 thousand for a husband / wife and 5 thousand for another relative;
  • own real estate on the property (for 270 thousand) or lease (for 10 thousand per year);
  • prove your assets of 500 thousand euros or annual income of 100 thousand euros.
  • this should also be added to the cost of legal services and fees.

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In order to obtain citizenship in Malta, four conditions must be met:

  1. Contribute donations to a special state fund: 650 thousand for the main applicant (investor), 25 thousand for the husband / wife and each of the children under 18 years, and 50 thousand for each adult child, parent and other relative.
  2. Buy or rent a house in the islands of the Republic: 350 thousand euros – when buying and 16 thousand per year – when renting.
  3. Buy shares from the state for a minimum of 150 thousand euros.
  4. Pass the security check, which will cost the applicant – 7.5 thousand, an adult family member of the applicant – 5 thousand and a minor child – 3 thousand euros.

Considering all malta citizenship pros, you will be able to decide if you are ready for relocate and only then begin the process of obtaining citizenship of this country. If you need advice, it is available to everyone online.