Arab Countries You Must Visit in 2021

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Planning a vacation with your family or friends?

You must be considering traveling to countries like Bali, Singapore, Paris, or Thailand.

While these are good options, nothing can beat the beauty and diversity of Arab countries. They are more than just a land of beautiful deserts and endless bazaars of poultry items.

With a myriad range of incredible places to discover, visiting the Middle East in 2021 is a great idea.  

But before you start packing, it’s advisable to learn the basics of the Arabic language to make your trip a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

You can join online Arabic classes to get some fundamentals right. 

Here are some of the Arab countries that are well worth visiting in 2021:

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  • United Arab Emirates

Gone are the days when the UAE was known for ancient forts and deserts.

This full-throttle-developed country that sprung out of the desert is one of the safest places for family vacations.

From high-class shopping malls to the world’s tallest building, iconic skylines, and famous beach resorts, the UAE offers a complete fun and relaxation package.

Take a desert safari, ride a camel, visit Palm island, spend an evening on a cruise—there are a bunch of bucket-list-worthy activities to do.

  • Jordan

Whether you’re an adventure freak, solitude seeker, nature lover, shopaholic, or a foodie, Jordan has something for everyone and the country never fails to impress.

Jordan is home to some of the world’s famous desert castles, spectacular natural wonders, historic sites, and scenic landscapes.

Float in the dead sea, spend a night under the stars, take a road trip to the king’s highway, hike Dana Nature reserve, take a therapeutic mud bath—there are plenty of things to do in Jordan

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  • Oman

Do you love long walks on the beach? Interested in hiking? Want to escape from the hustle and bustle of life? You are in luck!

Oman is one of the easiest and safest countries to travel to. But that’s not all.

Tranquil landscapes, shifting dunes, emerald beaches, lush green mountains, unique wildlife, endless deserts—there are many unique things that make this country a must-visit place.

  • Qatar

Qatar is one of the most beautiful Arab countries famous for its art and culture, coffee pots, silky-soft fabrics, scrumptious food, and more.

You can enjoy everything from shopping malls to 5-star hotels, beach clubs, parks, and cafes.

And if you are a football lover, you will be happy to know that Qatar is hosting the famous FIFA World Cup 2022.

  • Cyprus

Cyprus is the perfect revival destination for all sea and nature lovers.

Away from city crowds, Cyprus boasts some of the world’s beautiful beaches, scenic landscapes, and other plentiful activities like annual festivals, hiking, and water sports. 

The county captivates tourists from all over the world.

So plan a trip and experience the charismatic beauty of this Arab nation.

In the end…

Due to media reports on disasters, terrorism, and other bad things happening in the Middle East, many people, don’t consider planning a vacation to Arab countries.

However, in reality, there exists only a little part of this large area that can be seen as off-limits. 

Laden with a range of beautiful attractions, these Arab nations are perfect for avid travelers.