An Insight into the World of Vertu 

Charlotte Miller

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Gone are the days when mobiles were considered to be primarily consumer commodity products that were only aimed at being cheap and convenient. Frank Nuovo was the one who broke the barriers of everything in the market of mobiles. He wanted the mobiles to be more than just a piece of convenience and comfort. He wanted the mobiles to be aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, yet functional. Thus, he came up with something that screamed luxury, opulence, convenience, and style all at once. This is what happened with Vertu. Vertu phones are a class apart and there is no denying that. These phones are made from the best materials and parts that are present on the face of this earth and are extremely good for the lifetime of the phone too. 

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Vertu is a brand that is all about superior craftsmanship and premium quality. The commencement of Vertu was based on the fact that if people can spend so much money buying an expensive watch, then why can’t they spend so much money buying an expensive mobile phone? After all, we use a mobile phone more often than we use a watch! A lot of people must be wondering about what’s so special about Vertu phones. Well, the best part about these phones is that the screen of these phones does not break. Yes, they just refuse to break! These screens are made out of sapphires and sapphires, the second hardest gemstone found on the earth after a diamond. The screen is entirely made of 130-carat Sapphire crystal and that is what sets it apart from the rest of the crowd. After all, who can say no to a phone that is sturdy and strong? Then, one must not forget that the back case of this brand is made up of the finest leather possible. The leather is made from the finest quality of animal leather that just refuses to wither away. This is what makes it different from the rest of the phones. The quality is what sets these phones apart. The leather is also carefully selected and picked from Europe’s tanneries. Which mobile company do you think goes through the struggle of it all? We know that Vertu is the only one that cuts a mark here wonderfully! The best part about it is that it feels so awesome and soft when it is touched. These covers smell good too. Once you smell it, it’s like you’ll never really let go of the whole smell of it.

The aesthetics and looks are everything that this brand has to offer. Vertu uses the Android OS, with the latest updates as soon as they arrive. Hence, these phones are equipped with all the technology that there is to suffice. Vertu phones also tend to have a wonderful camera and mind-boggling picture quality. Also, did you know that Vertu supports almost all the brands in the world? Yes! Unlike other phones, it’s not just limited to one kind of SIM card. This is what makes it different from the rest of the phones. 

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You are looking forward to buying a phone that equips you with all the resources and beauty you should go for Vertu phones. One doesn’t need much explanation to say that this brand has introduced some of the best phones in the market. The ones who can buy such a phone should go for it. After all, you don’t always get the opportunity to lay your hands upon a phone that is bedazzled and a treat to the eyes. 

Vertu phones are a class apart. From impeccable services to great aesthetics, everything is available at a touch here. The nuts and bolts of these phones are made in Switzerland, which only goes to show how particular the manufacturers of this phone were. Owning a Vertu phone is equivalent to owning luxury. You don’t always own it, but when you do, you want to keep it, cherish it, and use it for a lifetime. 

The best part about Vertu is that these phones can be used for the entirety of your life. These phones are strongly built and can never be broken by the face of this earth. The use of sapphires only goes to exude the superior craftsmanship that is considered and executed in such phones.