Amazing 3 Nights 4 Days Mussoorie Tour Plan Awaits You!

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Mussoorie is considered heaven on earth. This place features cascading waterfalls, sunset points, and most importantly sprawling Himalayan ranges. Located in the district of Dehradun of the state of Uttarakhand, in India, Mussoorie is one of the most visited and favorite tourist spots. 

Stretched in the Garhwal Himalayan foothills, Mussoorie has an altitude of 2005 meters or 6578 feet. Mussoorie is recommended as the Queen of the Hills by tourists. The dramatic valleys of Mussoorie attract celebrities and filmmakers from all over the world. 

Trip in Mussoorie

For mountain lovers, limiting the time period for a trip to mountains is never wanted. Yet for planning a trip of 3 nights and 4 days in a place like Mussoorie, one must chalk out a perfect itinerary of the whole trip for making the most of the trip. The tour planners should provide a Dehradun Mussoorie tour itinerary that includes important attractions like Kempty Falls, Camel’s Back Road, Dhanaulti, and Company Garden, etc. There are innumerable tour planners, who plan 3 night 4 days Mussoorie tour packages including all the attractions of this place.

A trip to Mussoorie with a perfect synchronization of the lodging hotels, activities, transportation, and other factors, a 3 nights 4 days trip to Mussoorie might be totally dreamlike. One can take the flight route to Delhi at first then connect to a domestic airport at Dehradun. After that, the tourist can reach Mussoorie by road or railway quite smoothly.

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Itinerary According To The Days

Day 1: Arriving At Mussoorie And Camel’s Back Road

Planning the whole trip with a detailed description of what to do in Mussoorie is a must. After arriving at Mussoorie, the first thing every tourist does is check into the hotel. Getting refreshed before starting the whole trip is very important. A trip to any mountain calls for a disciplined schedule. Without it, one can never make it to any pre-set plans.

Hence after reaching Mussoorie, the tourist should complete the hotel formalities as fast as possible and get refreshed before starting the day. It is recommended to have a proper meal with luscious delicacies. It is wise to try the local eats available that provide an essence of the place. Once done, the traveler should gear up for the adventure at Camel’s Back Road.

Camels’ back road is situated closer to the center of the city. Due to the popularity of this place, one would find large crowds gathered at the location. As the name suggests, this is quite a long road where the natural rocks have lined up and resemble the shape of the hump of the camel’s back.

Camel’s Back Road shelters the 180 years old British cemetery. It happens to be one of the must-try activities among the what to see in Mussoorie.

Since Mussoorie is famous for the scenic beauty it beholds, a mesmerizing view of the range of the Himalayas can be seen from here. The sunset viewed from this point is considered as one of the very romantic scenes.

It is recommended not to get tired on the very first day for being cheerful and strong for the next 3 days.

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Day 2: Visiting Company Garden and Kempty Falls

Visiting the Kempty Falls will make the start of the second day with a bang. Kempty Falls happens to be one of the quite well-known and outstanding tourist attractions out of the places to visit near Dehradun Mussoorie. This place is considered a beautiful picturesque place by all the tourists.

The Kempty Falls is a place that is located at an altitude of 4500 feet amidst the high mountain cliffs. This place is also ideal for heading out for a picnic in between exploring places. The tourists are also likely to go for a swim right at the bottom of the Kempty Falls for relishing a refreshing experience.

After that, the company garden is the next place to visit on the second day of the 3 night 4 days trip. The company garden is an amusement fun park, which is owned by a municipal corporation. This place is an ideal place to visit with the family, especially children. It has an ornamental garden, which has a lawn of lush greenery and is lined with beautiful flowers.

The Company Gardens provide a perfect place to the tourist for relaxing after a quite tiresome day. If the traveling group includes children, they would surely love the place. This garden is an amusement park with different rides and picturesque scenery.

Riding the ropeway of Kempty Falls and exploring the hilly topography of Kempty along with the boat ride in the artificial lake of the Company Garden are the must-try activities of the second day.

Day 3: Exploring Dhanaulti

On the third day of the whole trip of the 3 nights, the 4-day itinerary of the Mussoorie Holiday Package calls for waking up early in the morning. This is for heading to the breathtaking scenic beauty of Dhanaulti. This place happens to be an offbeat place in Mussoorie. Hence this place prizes a serenity in the atmosphere. Dhanaulti is ideal to visit for tourists who love to explore the less beaten mountain places.

Dhanaulti features a number of attractive places for being explored. These sites include the temple of Surkhanda Devi and Eco Park. Eco Park would provide a unique experience to its visitors, for visiting there with their loved ones.

Along with paying respect and offering puja in the temple of Surkhanda Devi, one can peek into the extensive and rich culture of Mussoorie. On the other hand, by heading over to Eco Park, the tourists can get a glimpse of the beauty of the nature of Mussoorie.

The over-enthusiastic travelers who might change the plan for the sake of nature can stay over in Dhanaulti and camp throughout the night. This might be one of the most precious experiences one can create for themselves forever while undertaking a vacation.

Day 4: Shopping at Mussoorie before Departure

Out of the Mussoorie itinerary of 3 nights, the last day happens to be the most saddening day for all tourists. For one get close to nature and feel a sense of oneness very fast. However, the final day of the trip might be dedicated to shopping for mementos that would hold the memories.

Along with shopping in Mussoorie, it also homes a number of skating rinks and video game parlors for pleasing modern travelers and the kids. Also, another very common practice in Mussoorie is to get dressed up in their traditional attire and click photographs for making prizing memories throughout their life.


This could be one of the prospective 3 days 4 nights Mussoorie itinerary for a tourist in this place. Though the traveling agents and the tour planners can also provide ideas for making the most out of the trip. TourTravelWorld also looks after the lodging preferences of the travelers along with the mode of transportation according to their budget.