All Mini Tractors in 2023: Price, Features, and Comparison of the Latest Mini Tractor Models in India

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All Mini Tractors in 2023: Price, Features, and Comparison of the Latest Mini Tractor Models in India

Mini tractors are chhota, or small tractors specially designed to work on small orchards and farmlands. These tractors are primarily used for spraying and inter-cultivation tasks. Mini tractors are the most trending tractors in India in 2023. They have become a preferred choice for Indian farmers because of their affordable price and latest features. Different popular tractor brands are focusing more on producing top-quality mini tractors because of their increase in demand. Farmers find them comfortable and easy to work with.

Mini tractors’ demand has increased rapidly in the last few years, and their compatibility with Indian soil makes them highly popular in the Indian farming community. These tractors come in both 2WD and 4WD variants. Mini tractor HP range as per the current market trend is 11 HP to 36 HP. Many popular brands in India produce mini tractors that suit the Indian climate and work on all types of Indian soils.

Are you looking for information regarding all mini tractors in 2023? Tractorkarvan is the place where you can find the best mini tractor in India. The portal consists of all the information on different mini tractors, such as mini tractor price 2023, features, benefits, usage, etc.

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Features of Mini Tractors

This section provides some key features of mini tractors that you must check before buying one. The list includes:

  • Mini tractors are manufactured with a width of under 1200 mm in India.
  • These tractors come with high fuel efficiency.
  • Mini tractors are produced with excellent and profound engines.
  • These tractors come with light tyres.
  • Mini tractors are widely used for different commercial and farming operations.
  • These tractors are specially designed for small farms and orchards.
  • All mini tractors are equipped with comfortable seating and simple controls that enable operators to oversee turns easily.
  • Mini tractors are lightweight tractors and take up very less space.
  • These tractors come with modern designs and innovative technology that helps farmers work on different soils and any climate conditions.

Mini Tractors Price List 2023 in India

The price of mini tractors, which are popular in 2023, are listed in this section.

Sonalika Tiger GT 30 DI

It is the most popular Sonalika mini tractor in India. The tractor comes with a 30 HP engine. The mini tractor price range of this model from Sonalika starts from INR 6 lakhs*.

Farmtrac ATOM 26

This tractor is the most popular mini tractor from the Farmtrac brand in India. This tractor model is equipped with a 26 HP engine. The unique feature of this tractor model is that it is a 4-wheel-drive tractor. This top mini-tractor on-road price starts from INR 6 lakhs*.

Mahindra JIVO 365 DI 4WD

Mahindra is the most popular tractor brand in India. It is also famous for manufacturing the best mini tractors. One of its popular models is Mahindra JIVO 365 DI 4WD which comes with a 36 HP engine. This top mini tractor price range starts at INR 5.50 lakhs*.

Swaraj Code

It is the latest addition to the mini tractor category and has become popular in a very less time in India. It is equipped with an 11.1 HP engine, which is the lowest in its range. The price of this mini tractor starts at INR 2.40 lakhs*.

Massey Ferguson 6028

This Massey Ferguson 6028 tractor is the best offering from the Massey Ferguson brand. It is equipped with a 28 HP diesel engine. The tractor’s price range starts from INR 6.40 lakhs*.


This ACE tractor is a widely preferred tractor in India. Farmers, who have a small piece of land, prefer it the most. It comes with a <20 HP engine. This mini tractor on-road price starts at INR 3 lakhs*.

New Holland Simba 30

New Holland also manufactures excellent mini tractors. One of the best mini tractor models from this model is New Holland Simba 30. This tractor is equipped with a 29 HP engine. Its price ranges from INR 5 lakhs*.

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Importance of Mini Tractors in 2023

Mini tractor demand is rapidly increasing in the country. It is because of their outstanding build quality and modern features. The importance of mini tractors is listed below:

  • Mini tractors come with excellent features such as fuel-efficient engines, powerful transmissions, compact size, and many more.
  • The price of mini tractor in India is highly affordable, making it the best choice for small farmers.
  • The mini tractors come in 2WD and 4WD variants, and their side shift gear lever makes them comfortable to operate.
  • Mini tractors have many applications, like spraying pesticides in wineries. Farmers who own small farms, orchards, and vineyards can purchase this tractor to perform their tasks.
  • These tractors are specially manufactured to work on small agricultural lands with power and efficiency.
  • The mini tractors are under 40 HP tractors that come with less than 1200 mm width.

Best Mini Tractor Price in India in 2023

The list of mini tractors in India, which are highly popular in 2023, are listed below:

  • Swaraj 724 XM Orchard: The price of this Swaraj mini tractor starts at INR 5.60 lakhs*.
  • Mahindra JIVO 245 DI 4WD: Its price range starts from INR 6 lakhs*.
  • Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 4WD: The price range of this model starts at INR 520 lakhs*.
  • Eicher 188 4WD: The cost of this mini tractor is INR 2.80 lakhs*.
  • Sonalika DI 30 Baagban 4WD: Its cost starts from INR 5.60 lakhs*.
  • Sonalika Tiger GT 26 DI: The price of this tractor model starts at INR 5.60 lakhs*.
  • Force Abhiman: This mini tractor’s price range starts at INR 5 lakhs*.
  • John Deere 3028 EN: The price of this mini tractor usually falls under 9 lakhs*.
  • Mahindra YUVRAAJ 215 NXT: Its price range starts from INR 3.50 lakhs*.
  • Captain 200 DI 2WD: This Captain mini tractor price starts at INR 3 lakhs*.

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