Air Track Mat Facts You Might Not Have Known

Charlotte Miller

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The Air Track Mat is a rapidly growing outdoor activity, although it is commonly considered indoor activity. It can be enjoyed as a competitive sport or practiced as technical skills. Some people are passionate about the sport while others simply enjoy the sense of freedom and physical challenge it provides. Even though you have decided to pursue your interest in Air Track Mat, there are some interesting facts you may not have known about this exciting activity.

Air Track Mat was invented in the late 1960s.

The Air Track Mat was invented in the late 1960s by the Jansen brothers, who were gymnasts. The two brothers were inspired to create an Air Track Mat after noticing that their skills had improved when they were practicing on a trampoline. The Air Track Mat provides a soft, forgiving bounce similar to a trampoline but is sturdy enough to allow landing without the risk of injury.

In 1981, inventor Hans Buhringer received a patent for the design of the current Air Track Mat. This design used foam instead of rubber as a barrier between the puffy surface and the floor. Foam reduces the impact on joints, especially for gymnasts who fall from a height during their routine. The first Olympic Games to have an Air Track Mat were in 1996, where it was used as part of gymnastics training when the athletes were preparing for their routines.

In 2000, the pneumatic Air Track Mat was introduced for common use among the general public. Described as an inflatable carpet, this version of the Air Track Mat was made of PVC and sold at reasonable prices.

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There is a type of Air Track Mat that is specifically used as a Tumbling Air Track Mat for gymnasts.

Air Track Mats are one of the most widely used gymnastics mats today. The Air Track is a Mat inflated with air, which allows the player to perform various movements and tricks without fear of injuring himself when he falls on the mat. The gymnast can use the Air Track as a Tumbling Air Track Mat or an exercise mat. It can be used for all types of exercises such as gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, aerobics and many other sporting activities.

With chambers filled with air, the air track provides great flexibility to the user by giving it extra cushioning when landing on a hard surface. When you compare the Air Track Mat to other types of mats like foam, you will find that it is easier to move them on the Air Track Mat than any other type of pad because they have more space between their layers.

Gymnasts have been using aerobic tracks for over thirty years now, and still use them as primary training equipment because they are light and easy to carry. It is also so durable that it can last for years without any issues at all.

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There are different types of Air Track Mats available and the foam Air Track is one of the most popular ones.

There are different types of Air Track Mat available and the foam Air Track Mat is one of the most popular? This type of mat has a number of advantages over other types of mats available for use in gymnastics as well as other sports, including cheerleading, tumbling, diving, etc.

One advantage that these mats offer over other types of mats is that they are easy to transport because they can be folded into smaller sizes when not in use.

Did you know that an Air Track Mat can be used both indoors and outdoors?

If you think about it, the only thing that would be holding you back from having a blast on your own home-based fitness equipment is the area where you live. And while some people might find this limiting, others may find it to be one of the perks of owning their own home gym.

The foam Air Track Mat is basically an indoor pool, with an air hockey table in the centre. Tables usually come with some sort of net or even an inflatable surface so that you can move around freely without worrying about slipping into a corner or wall. It also allows easy access to water for drinking and other things.

It works like this: you place your own table and use it as a “gathering” area. Then you fill it with water and let it sit there while you play on the air hockey table. This is actually very similar to how swimming pools work – they maintain a constant water temperature and allow easy access to different areas of the pool.

Did you know that it’s actually way more useful than just being practical?

The Air Track Mat is very practical and can be used to do a lot of things. You can use it as a platform for gymnastics training or you can use it as an exercise mat for other physical activities like yoga or Pilates. Air Track Mats Here at Kameymall, we carry high quality track mats to help your flooring look great. Our products are flat, lightweight and easy to transport.