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Be it a commercial office space, retail store, or residential building, an HVAC system is common for every property. The main component of the HVAC system is the air duct. Air ducts refer to passageways that help the air to circulate in the entire property making the living and working comfortable. These air ducts need thorough cleaning every once in a while. You can buy some air duct cleaning equipment to clean the air duct of your office, store and home yourself. Otherwise, you will always have to count on air duct cleaning service providers. 

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What are the risks you face if your air duct is not cleaned properly? 

There is a common tendency among people to neglect their air duct cleaning. But, do you know that dirty air ducts come with a number of potential risks? Let’s know about them. 

  •         Carbon monoxide

If you don’t clean your air duct for a long time, both your air conditioner and heater are likely to overheat themselves. This type of overheating is responsible for carbon monoxide emissions. This poisonous gas can cause severe headaches, nausea, etc. in the human body. 

  •         Poor airflow and air quality

Over time, dust, dirt, pollen, etc., get deposited to the nook and corners of the air duct. As a result, the air quality of the room is hampered to some extent. All this dirt restricts proper airflow inside the room as well. 

  •         Electric bills

The dirt in the air duct prevents the HVAC system from working properly. The motor is forced too much for a smooth operation of the HVAC system, and it draws lots of currents. Therefore, a dirty air duct system will increase the energy bill of the office, home, or retail store. 

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  •         Longevity of air duct

Your air duct will last for years, only if it is properly maintained and cleaned every now and then. The air duct replacement is costlier than maintenance charges. 

  •         Health hazards

Breathing the bad air results in respiratory problems, allergies, suffocation, migraines, etc. One can get rid of all these health issues simply by cleaning the air ducts regularly. 

When should you consider cleaning your air duct with the help of air duct cleaning equipment? 

People generally clean the air ducts once every three years. But, we suggest cleaning these ducts once or twice every year. At least the air filter needs to be changed when it is dirty. Other than this, if you find any mold, dirty vent cover, inconsistent airflow, etc. it is time to clean your air ducts. Sometimes rodent problems, high power bills, and noisy air ducts also indicate that your air ducts need a thorough cleaning. 

What are the air duct cleaning equipment used by cleaning service providers? 

  •         Furnace filter

The furnace filter traps the airborne contaminants, and that is why it is more likely to get dirty. So, be ready to change your furnace filter at the end of the air duct cleaning.

  •         Vacuum cleaner

A motor-run vacuum cleaner sucks the dirt out of the air register. For air duct cleaning, a household vacuum cleaner is not right at all. You need a professional vacuum cleaner with a long hose. 

  •         Brush

The bristle brush is a key piece of equipment for air duct cleaning. The brush should have a long handle so that it can reach all the parts of both round and square air ducts. Maybe, your toilet brush will do. 

  •         Power drill

The team of cleaning service providers generally uses power drills to remove the screws and to open the vents of the air ducts. Instead of a power drill, one can use a screwdriver as well. The power drill will save a lot of your time. 

  •         Paper towels or cleaning cloth

The cleaning team needs paper towels to wipe several places of the air ducts. But, here, you must not use white cleaning towels. These will be difficult to clean later. 

  •         Gloves

One must not want to touch the dust, spider web, mold, mildew, etc., with their delicate hands. So, it is essential to wear a pair of gloves on your hands before you start cleaning the air duct.

The cleaning enthusiasts can buy single-phase air duct cleaning equipment packages from online stores. The cleaning team comes with their air duct cleaning machine, pharmaceutical duct cleaning system, clean air equipment, round air duct cleaning equipment, and so on.


Can air duct cleaning go wrong?

An inexperienced technician can break parts of the vents or air register. If the main switch is not turned off during the air duct cleaning, it can lead to accidents as well. All these will worsen the air quality of your home. 

How to check whether your air duct is properly cleaned or not?

You can ask the cleaning team for before and after photographs for the air duct cleaning at your home, office, or retail store. When they are done with cleaning, switch on the HVAC system and try to measure the air quality index in that particular room. Also, check if you are getting uninterrupted airflow or not. 

What are the preventions for air ducts from getting dirty?

Regular monitoring of the air duct safety condition and frequent maintenance is the only way to keep the air ducts well-functioning in the long run. 

So, we think this article will provide you with all the information you need to know about air duct cleaning and the air duct cleaning equipment. If you want to know anything else, please talk to our experts via comment.