A Guide To Tension Control Bolts

Charlotte Miller

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Tension control bolts are popular with steelworkers due to their unique design, ability to handle heavy loads and resistance to vibration. Unlike traditional bolts, tension control (TC) bolts have a round head with a flat top, a spline on the end and a nut and washer pre-attached to the bolt. They’re also pre-lubricated, allowing steelworkers to save time on the job.

Since they’re not shaped like regular bolts, TC bolts require a special tool to screw them in place. However, most steelworkers find the convenience to be well worth the investment they make in another tool. If these sound like the right fasteners for you, specify TC bolts for your next job when you place an order. We carry galvanized tension control bolts as well as A325 tension control bolts and A490 tension control bolts in our inventory.

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What Makes TC Bolts Unique?

One of the most important traits of TC bolts is that they eliminate guesswork. When you screw the bolts into place, the spline snaps off when you reach the correct tension levels. Since you won’t have to figure it out yourself, you can screw in TC bolts at a more rapid pace. This enables you to complete the job quickly and move onto the next project.

TC bolts also come with a pre-attached nut and washer. No more digging around for nuts and washers or figuring out which size goes with your bolt–it’s all ready to go, so all you have to do is screw it in. Better yet, TC bolts come pre-lubricated, saving you another step.

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What Are The Technical Benefits Of Using TC Bolts?

TC bolts have a number of benefits for large structures that could crumble if you use other fasteners. When you use TC bolts, the bolt distributes the load evenly across the surface. This prevents the fasteners from loosening after months of high-pressure conditions.

If you’re building a structure that involves the use of heavy equipment, TC bolts keep the structure from falling apart. They can also withstand vibration without sliding out of place. Since steelworkers often build major structures, TC bolts are essential for keeping these structures upright and eliminating safety hazards.

TC bolts might look a little complicated, but with the right tool, you only need a single person to install them. Additionally, you only need one tool to install these bolts. Many steelworkers find this tool easier to use because they don’t have to screw in the bolts with heavy wrenches.

How Do You Store TC Bolts?

When your TC bolts arrive, make sure you store them in an enclosed container. Otherwise, the lubrication will start to wear off. Don’t open the container until you’re ready to use the bolts immediately.

Are TC Bolts Suitable for Outdoor Applications?

If your TC bolts will only be exposed to moderate temperatures, you can use them for outdoor projects. Otherwise, plain TC bolts are best suited for indoor use. However, you can use galvanized TC bolts for outdoor projects. The galvanized coating protects these bolts from rust and corrosion and allows them to withstand moisture, direct sunlight, high temperatures and harsh weather conditions. BACO Enterprises sells both plain and galvanized TC bolts to meet your needs.

How Do You Order TC Bolts Online?

Scroll through BACO Enterprise’s extensive list of TC bolts, and choose the bolts that you want to order. We sell hundreds of plain and galvanized TC bolts in a variety of lengths and diameters. Once you’re ready, click “Request a Quote” at the top to get in touch with us. We’ll get back to you with a price quote for your TC bolts. When you place your order, we’ll ship out your bolts as soon as possible.