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A Complete Guide to the PMP® Certification Course

by Madhuri Boinwad
A Complete Guide to the PMP® Certification Course

Are you thinking of increasing your project management skills? Then you have come to the right place. This PMP® Certification Course will bring you the opportunities to enhance your skills and help to learn various complex topics of project management. This guideline for the certification course will give you proper knowledge on how you can get into this course. But before you get yourself signed up with the course let us have a look at what the course is all about.

What is PMP® Certification?

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) is regarded as the world’s leading known course for project management certification. The PMP® certification also includes predictive, agile, and blended approaches, demonstrating project planning skills and knowledge in every mode of operation. It lets companies identify the individuals they need to work smarter and deliver well, and it boosts team leaders’ careers across sectors.

Why should you go for this Course?

The profession of Project Management has gradually become one of the fastest-pacing job areas in the market. Not only in these areas of industries, but it has also made its importance in the tech market. Due to this, demand for skilled project managers is increasing at a high rate in every industry. Since 2007, almost 88 million people have moved into project management-related positions.

By getting through this PMP® Course you get placed with lucrative roles in finance, IT, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries as well. For about more than 1 million PMP® Certification holders globally, the median income received is 22% higher than the ones with non-certified counterparts.

Steps to Get PMP® Certification

Strengthen your knowledge about project management concepts and processes through the PMP® course certifications and validate your expertise by taking advantage of the networking opportunities in the best industry. Just follow the below-given steps and get PMP® certified.

  1. Get Trained
    • Confirm your age through our eligibility criteria
    • Register yourself on the PMI® website.
    • Go through 35 hours of PMP® Training from an Authorized Training Partner
  2. Take Project Management Professional exam
    • Find suitable session from PMP® classroom schedules
    • Sign up for PMP® Exam and wait for approval from PMI®
    • Once you receive the eligibility code from PMI®, pay the credential fee.
    • Schedule your PMP® Exam and plan for detailed study.
    • Appear for exam and score to aim 80% marks or higher.
  3. Become Certified PMP®
    • Once you pass the exam, you will find your name in the PMI® registry and you receive the Certification mail on completion of your PMP® course.

Who can attend this Course?

  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Leaders, Managers
  • Project Analysts
  • Mid-level & Senior Project Managers


There are no such prerequisites to get the PMP® Certification training course but all you need to have educational background of diploma, or master’s degree along with project management education and experience to qualify for the PMP® exam.

Now that you have gained much of an idea about what the PMP® course is all about, so get yourself enrolled in it and build your Project Management Skills and get PMP® Certified. 

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