A Beginner’s Guide To Careers In Fashion Communication

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A Beginner’s Guide To Careers In Fashion Communication

Fashion communication involves two significant attributes: communicating with the help of fashion and communicating with fashion. Today, it is a new and upcoming field, helping lifestyle and fashion brands promote themselves through visual communication across a vast landscape of marketing, styling, and social media.

What is it?

At the very core, fashion communication is a specialised study of fashion that equips students with skills and communication knowledge. It is the backbone of the lifestyle and fashion industry, creating and facilitating communication through the written word, visuals, verbal, and audio-visuals. Besides promotion, the field also involves using fashion to express oneself and identity and has become an exciting and transforming space with many takers.

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Who can study it?

Today, many institutes offer a course in fashion communication. However, not every design institute has the same eligibility criterion. So, check whether you are eligible for a particular course before enrolling. A background in fashion is useful. However, a good institute includes a foundation program that allows students to bridge the gaps in their learning and acquire a broad spectrum of practical design skills instead of diving straight into the course.

Popular careers

A course in communication design from a reputed university equips you with all the relevant skills required to survive and make your presence felt in this fast-moving field. Besides this, it prepares you thoroughly for leadership roles across several verticals and opens the doors to the following popular career options:

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  • Fashion journalist

As a fashion journalist, you can write for popular magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, etc., reporting the latest fashion trivia and even covering fashion events. This is a growing field and attracts much scope.

  • Fashion blogger

Social media offers ample scope for students who want to pursue this career option. You can start your blog on Instagram and grow in popularity like the influencers who started from scratch and are widely popular today. Apart from this, you can also use your writing skills to build a blog aimed at people who prefer the written word.

  • Visual merchandiser

Store layouts, displays, the arrangement of counters, etc., are all part of visual merchandising done by fashion brands and include well-thought-out ways to attract customers. If this sounds appealing to you, find the best fashion communication courses, and prepare yourself with all the relevant skills that will let you work with leading fashion brands to plan, create, and manage stunning and well-curated displays as a visual merchandiser.

  • Fashion photographer

Visuals are a game-changer in the fashion industry. So, if you are passionate about photography, you can utilise this industry’s need for good aesthetics and build a promising career either independently or at a fashion house.

Other exciting career opportunities include brand management, marketing, and content creation. You can also work as a fashion stylist, help with public relations for fashion brands and celebrities, etc.