Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Buying Cricket Shoes

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A good pair of cricket shoes offers ultimate comfort and help you with the right performance all the time. Also, the same is essential to safeguard professionals from injuries when practising in the net or the stadium outside. 

Whichever position you are playing, shoes with proper grip and in the correct size will surely save your game. As a batsman, it will get easy to run between the wickets. For bowlers, the landing becomes smooth during every single over-arm delivery, and finally, as a fielder, shoes with the right fit will help you maintain focus solely on the ball.  

Consider These Factors When Buying Cricket Shoes

Here is a list of essential factors that you must consider when buying cricket shoes:

Built Material

Look for cricket shoes made of top-notch synthetic materials, microfibre or Polyethylene (PU). These high-quality synthetic materials are lightweight and add up to durability. Proper investment will help you last longer, irrespective of the surface on which you play the game.  


In the game of cricket, players, particularly bowlers are vulnerable to pronation and hurting their feet. So manufacturers induce medial arch support in the shoes helping bowlers to perform their best. Going for cricket shoes of such types will reduce the forces experienced at the inner ankle, hips and knees.  


A single cricket match needs you to run for 2 to 5 km. In that case, cushioning becomes essential, as it removes extra pressure from the lower part of the legs. While investing in cricket shoes, look for variants with adequate cushioning around the midsoles and the heels.  


Select the spike type based on the area of cricket you specialise in. Half spikes are the best for batsmen and are lighter in weight. On the other hand, if you are a bowler, opt for full spikes offering more excellent stability and grip.  

How To Train Your Mind Before Buying Shoes For Cricket

While the points mentioned above are the general factors in a shoe that you must consider, the following topics will thoroughly elaborate on “how to train your mind for cricket shoe shopping?”

Know The Various Parts Of A Shoe As A Cricketer

It is essential to have a thorough knowledge of various shoe parts before buying one specially curated for your gaming position. 

  • Upper: The top of the shoe. Choose a size which helps you have a little bit of room towards the top. That will safeguard your toe from external impact. 
  • Midsole: It is the layer between the insole and the outsole offering the correct type of cushioning to cricketers, especially bowers.   
  • Outsole: The part of the shoe having direct contact with the ground. Outsole’s area of performance changes according to the surface you play or the cricketing role you take care of. 
  • Sock Liner: It is the extra cushioning between the ankle and the heel. When on the cricket ground, the particular offer the proper protection from high-impact actions. 

Decide On The Size And Weight

Cricket needs you to run around to score in a game or field/bowl. Now a comfy pair of shoes with the right fit and weight will surely amp up your game.

Investing in ill-fitted cricket shoes will restrict your movement or make you trip and fall. Additionally, keeping some breathing room for your toe and the side parts is always better, especially when you have broad feet.  

Next comes the weight of the shoe, where lightweight shoes will enable seamless movement, and those with heavy weight will hamper movement causing difficulties throughout the game. 

Fix A Budget

Brands charge differently for cricket shoes. Before checking online or visiting the store, you should set up a particular budget. Depending on your level of proficiency in the game of cricket, make up your choice between high-end, mid-level and budget buys. 

Also, it is essential to consider the age of the cricketer when buying a shoe type. Consider opting for a mid-range or budget buy if it is a teenager, as their feet will outgrow the shoe size soon.  

Weather Outside

Cricket, as an outdoor game, requires you to be ready for various weather conditions. Sometimes the pitch will be dry; other days, it can be a little wet from the dew or rain. So make sure to invest in shoes offering adequate stability and maximum grip all the time. 

Also, breathability is the utmost priority for days when it is too hot. In that case, try investing in lightweight cricket shoes with perforated footbeds and mesh uppers. 

For the winter days, consider those ensuring warmth. In that case, go for lace-up shoes that keep your feet dry and offer great traction on wet or icy surfaces. 


So that is all you must remember to buy cricket shoes. Always prioritise your foot shape, size and placement on the ground for adequate performance. Also, get your boots trainer approved to avoid last-minute discoordination.