9 Top Reasons Why Joining a Golf Club is Better than Playing as a Visitor

Charlotte Miller

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One of the reasons many people look forward to summer is because it’s the perfect time to get the golf gear out and enjoy a few rounds. If you’ve recently joined the wonderful world of golf, you might still be playing as a visitor. 

As many keen golfers will tell you, there are many benefits to joining a golf club Perth and other well-known Australian cities have to offer. On average there are about 1,500 golf clubs providing a host of membership opportunities to new players. Make sure you don’t miss out on the perks

The Benefits of Joining a Local Golf Club

You might feel that playing as a visitor doesn’t tie you down or force you to commit while you’re still figuring out the tame. The truth is, you’re actually missing out on the extensive benefits many golf clubs offer. Let’s have a look at a few of them! 

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Members Have Access to Club Benefits

Joining your local golf club gives you access to membership events such as charity gatherings and competitions. Depending on which club you join, you might even get access to equipment repairs and regripping. There are also driving range privileges which you could take advantage of.

Having access to competitions will grant you the opportunity to play a bit more competitive or just for fun to see how your skills have improved. You could have some serious talent in the making!

You Could Save Money on Annual Fees

Depending on how often you play and which club you join, you could end up saving quite a bit of money by paying an annual subscription. Some clubs might even allow you to pay the annual amount in small monthly or quarterly instalments. You can discuss these options with the various clubs in your area and pick the one that suits your pocket!

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You’ll Become a Better Golfer

One of the best ways to improve your game is to play whenever you can. Having a club membership puts the course at your disposal whenever you need it. It also makes it easier to find teammates to play with if your usual crew is unavailable.

Some golf clubs have private lessons available which will also go a long way toward improving your current skill set. There may even be a discount for you to purchase gear if they have an onsite golf store. If there aren’t any, there are plenty of golf shops online where you can find the best gear and a selection of the best golf team shirts in a variety of styles and colors to outfit your team!

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Meet New People

When you started out playing golf it might just have been to relax and escape life’s stressors, or perhaps even the noise at home. But, once you start playing golf, you easily run into people who not only share your passion for the game but can actually teach you a few helpful tips. 

Your current group of friends might not be that into golf but meeting people as part of your membership means you connect with individuals who already love golf. You won’t have to spend hours trying to convince them to come out and enjoy a few holes. 

Access for Your Children

If you’re trying to get your children interested in golf, the good news is, some clubs offer junior memberships. This will make it so much easier to get your children to enter competitions and to play with children in their age groups. 

Benefits for Your Family and Friends

Another advantage is that your friends and family could also benefit from your membership. Some clubs allow immediate family or friends to enjoy some of the features when they join you on site. This could be:

  • Taking part in club-sponsored events
  • Eating at the dining hall
  • Swimming in the local pool
  • Friends who want to play at the course could get a preferential visitors’ rate

Access to the Onsite Practice Ground

Most golf clubs have an on-site practice ground where you can hit a few balls to try and improve your swing. This will save you from having to go to the driving range where you’ll have to pay for each session. 

Invites to Other Clubs

As a member of your local golf club, you’ll have easier access to joining or even playing at other clubs. That will allow you to practice your skills on a different course. As with your own club, you’ll be able to have access to the course without having to stand in queues or pay additional fees. 

Improve your Handicap

At some golf clubs, improving your handicap is as simple as playing three monthly medals per year. By doing this you’ll have a handicap that should allow you to play just about anywhere in the world! 

Final Thought

If you’re going to take your golfing seriously, it’s well with considering the benefits of joining your local club as a member. While some club fees might seem high, joining means no more queuing or hoping there’s space on the course. If you like golf, this is how you make the most of it!