8 Tips for using Facebook Lookalike Audiences in 2022

Charlotte Miller

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You can reach customers who are similar to your current customers by using Facebook Lookalike Audiences. They offer more value for ad spend and generate higher-quality leads. Based on the source audiences, lookalike audiences are created. To reach new Facebook users, find the right source audience and follow these tips.

  1. Target the right audience based on your goals

Each custom audience has a different goal. Consider Facebook Lookalike Audiences based on your Page Fans if you wish to promote your business. A Lookalike Audience created by analyzing website visitors might be a better choice if your goal is to increase online sales.

  1. Take advantage of Custom Audiences

Different kinds of parameters can be used to create custom audiences. Select the options that best fit your campaign goals. Among the custom audience ideas are:

-Audience for video. If you are launching a video-based campaign, create an audience based on people who have viewed your videos before.

-Visitors to the site recently. In the case of conversions, a list of all website visitors may be too broad. If your website has been visited in the past 30 days or someone has put something in their cart, you should target them.

-Email audience. Subscribers to your newsletter are interested in your company’s news and deals. If you are planning a campaign with similar content, or if you want to get more subscribers, use this audience.

  1. Calculate your Lookalike Audience size

For different campaign goals, consider different audience sizes.

-A smaller audience (1-5) will be the most similar to your custom audience, whereas a large audience (6-10) will increase your potential reach but decrease your similarity factors. 

-When optimizing for similarity, target a smaller audience. Aim for broad reach.

  1. Use high-quality data

You will achieve better results if you provide better data.

-Facebook recommends 1,000 to 50,000 friends. It is always better to have 500 loyal customers than 50,000 good, bad, and average customers combined.

-A general audience such as “all web visitors” or “all app installers” will include good customers along with those who bounce after a few seconds.

-Find out what makes your best customers; it will often be at the end of your conversion or engagement funnel.

  1. Update your audience list

Make sure your customer information is as current as possible if you are providing it. Create a custom audience with Facebook data by adding date range parameters.

If you’re adding a customized audience based on web visitors, you might want to target only those who have recently visited your website.

You will be notified of any new visitors to your Lookalike audience every three to seven days.

  1. Combined with other features, use lookalike audiences

Add additional targeting parameters such as age, gender, or interests to your lookalike audience targeting.

As part of its campaign to launch PLAYBASE, Sonos used Lookalike Audiences alongside video ads, link ads, and Facebook dynamic ads. The first phase of the campaign targeted existing customers and new prospects based on their interests. The second phase retargeted video viewers and Lookalike Audiences based on phase one engagements.

  1. Use a lookalike audience to optimize bids

Segment Lookalike Audiences based on your most influential audience to avoid overlapping audiences.

When selecting your audience size, click Advanced Options so a single-source audience can be used to create up to 500 Lookalike Audiences.

  1. Locate the right places

It is a great way to expand lookalike audiences into global markets.

Marketers know where they want to find new acquisitions most often. You might consider creating a Lookalike Audience in-app store in countries or emerging markets if global dominance is your goal (or you’re not sure where to focus).

Facebook always prioritizes similarity over the location. Therefore, your Lookalike Audience may not be equally distributed between your locations.