8 Helpful Tips for Moving a Refrigerator!

Charlotte Miller

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It may seem easy to move a refrigerator during a relocation process, but the reality can be different. Moving a freeze or refrigerator is not at all an easy task to perform. It requires a lot of care and effort for a successful shifting of a fridge. Indeed, a specialist moving company can help you throughout the relocation process. However, before the transit takes place, you have a lot to do to provide the best protection to your costly refrigerator.  It is pretty understandable that taking utmost care is intensely crucial while planning to move your costly refrigerator. The cheap moving companies suggest that proper planning and effective techniques can help you out for sure. So, you can check out the below tips for moving a fridge effortlessly with appropriate protection during your upcoming move!

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Unplug the Refrigerator to Defrost  

Before you hand over the fridge to the mover, it is essential to unplug your refrigerator beforehand to provide adequate time for defrosting. If you don’t give enough time for defrosting, it can cause harm to your costly refrigerator. Additionally, removing all the water and ice from the freeze to eliminate difficulties during the move is necessary.

Get the Cleaning Materials

While you’re planning to move your refrigerator, it would be best if you start your cleaning preparations a bit early. Always remember, early preparations can help you to achieve a safe and stress-free shifting process. However, in order to get a good cleaning service to your costly refrigerator, it requires a few essential cleaning materials. So, make sure to get the below cleaning materials while planning for a cleaning job.

  • Cleaning Brushes 
  • Cleaning liquids
  • Soft towel
  • Non-scratch sponges/
  • cleaning luffas 
  • Water bucket
  • Clean Water

Perform a Thorough Cleaning Service 

Once you have jotted down all the essential cleaning supplies, it’s time to give your refrigerator a good cleaning service. The very first thing you must perform is to remove all the items from the freeze. After removing all the items from your refrigerator, clean the fridge with the cleaning supplies. Using soft sponges for cleaning will eliminate the probability of getting unwanted scratches on the surface of the refrigerator. 

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Measure Your Doorways 

Before commencing the packing process, it is highly recommended that you consider measuring and compare the length of the doorways and the refrigerator. If you find your doorways haven’t enough space for your refrigerator, it could be time consuming for you. So, in order to lessen the difficulties, measure the height and width of both the doorways and the refrigerator. If you find the doors are passable enough, then you can go ahead with packing the refrigerator. Make sure that nothing misses out if you want to have an eco-friendly move. 

Ensure to Close the Door

Fastening the door of the refrigerator is essential before commencing the packing process. You can use a sturdy rope to secure the doors. If the fridge has a double door, you can fasten the door handles so that it can’t get opened accidentally during the move.

Remove and wrap the Refrigerator with Packing Materials! 

While planning to move your refrigerator to another place, it is essential to pack the interior parts properly. In most cases, the internal shelves of the refrigerators are made with glasses. Therefore, make sure that you pack the interior parts properly before commencing the moving process. Otherwise, the glass-made shelves can be broken or get scratches during the shifting process. Especially, it would be best to use bubble wrap to pack the fragile interior parts instead of ordinary packing paper. Apart from that, don’t forget to wrap the outer portion of the refrigerator with bubble wrap so that it can remain safe during the shifting process.

Use a Dolly to Move the Refrigerator

Once the packing process is done successfully, now it’s time to move your freeze towards the moving truck for commencing the move. You can use a moving dolly to carry the refrigerator. Make sure to take extra care in the bumpy hallway, as too much jerking can harm your costly refrigerator. 

Get Assistance from a Reputed Moving Company

Although the preparation is almost completed, it is still highly recommended that you connect with a reputed mover for the shifting process. A professional moving company has adequate expertise in the moving process with a lot of modern equipment. Therefore, if you hire a professional moving company during the packing and shifting process, it can help you a lot for sure. Additionally, the top moving company provides insurance coverage for your belongings as well. Therefore, if anything unexpected happens with the items, you can get compensated. 


A moving process is indeed a hectic process for most people as a lot of emotions can distract your mind. However, it is best to prepare for the best moving experiences if you have already decided to relocate. Moreover, taking proper care of belonging like a costly refrigerator is indeed essential. Therefore, you can follow the guide to get the best benefits!