7 Benefits Of A Cooling Pillow And How To Choose One

Charlotte Miller

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If it’s too hot at night that you end up sweating a lot, you may find relief from using a cooling pillow. While there are various cooling technologies or products, such as mattress toppers, mattresses, and air coolers, cooling pillows are the most affordable solution for everyone experiencing hot flashes or those who feel uncomfortable in summer.

The best thing about a cooling pillow is that it can instantly reduce the temperature around your neck, head, and shoulders, enabling you to sleep faster and enjoy a better night’s sleep. At present, there are different types of cooling pillows you can choose from, and these include:

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  • Breathable Pillows – This type of pillow is made from breathable materials and designed to facilitate airflow. Such pillows are effective cooling pillows because they don’t only allow more airflow but also don’t retain heat. 

When searching for breathable cooling pillows, you can opt for those made out of bamboo and buckwheat. Usually, these pillows are hypoallergenic and more natural. 

If you have allergies or don’t want to settle with pillows made from synthetics, they can be a great choice. So, if you’re also looking for a travel pillow, it’s a wise idea to opt for a buckwheat pillow.

The material composition and design of breathable pillows are made to increase airflow, which means that you won’t need to worry about moisture as the heat won’t be trapped inside the pillow. The combination of such effects produces a good cooling experience.

  • Water-Based or Gel-Infused Pillows – Memory foam is a popular choice for many people. In fact, most consumers prefer memory foam pillows and mattresses. The reason for this is that memory foam provides excellent support, allowing you to enjoy sleep with less pain. The only downfall of memory foam is that it retains heat, which is a primary issue for several people who are hot sleepers.

Fortunately, there are great alternatives for memory foam pillows, and one of these is a gel-infused cooling pillow. It’s a new way to help eliminate and combat heat retention while providing you with the comfort of memory foam pillows. 

Basically, the gel disperses the heat from your neck and head and makes your pillow feel cooler. For more information, watch this review: 


  • Phase-Changing Pillows – A phase-changing pillow is another type of cooling pillow made from phase change material or also referred to as PCM. This cooling pillow is unique because it helps regulate your body temperature, so you or your pillow won’t be hot.

You’ll often find PCM used with memory foam, which is an excellent combination since many people prefer the support and feel of memory foam. The good thing about PCM is that it can regulate the temperature to a particular degree, so it’s more than just a cooling pillow. For instance, if you’re cold, it may help in keeping you warm. However, if you’re too hot, it’ll help you cool down.

Typically, PCM is used as part of the pillow covers with a memory foam pillow. This combination helps you stay asleep and fall asleep quickly for a good night’s sleep.

Those are some of the types of cooling pillows you can find in the market. If you doubt about how cooling pillows, here are the benefits you can enjoy once you decide to get one:

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  1. Fall Asleep Quickly

Changing your sleeping position throughout the night won’t only affect your sleeping hours, but it may also affect how well you rested. This may affect your overall health, especially if you’re always exhausted at work.

With a cooling pillow, you’ll be able to fall asleep quickly since you won’t feel hot. Plus, it may provide you relief from your back and neck pain if it’s made out of memory foam. This type of pillow may even help you enjoy deep sleep better than regular pillows available in the market.

  1. Allow You to Sleep Coolly

One of the primary benefits of using a cooling pillow is you’ll be able to sleep coolly. Most of these pillows can lessen the heat levels that may cause restlessness, sweat, irritability, and insomnia during the night. They’ll also cool your body throughout the night, so you’ll stay relaxed and comfortable.

Climates in every country may vary widely. For example, arid or tropical countries can become very hot during the summer. Although you can invest in a good quality cooling system like an air conditioner, it can be costly.

With a cooling pillow, you’ll save more while ensuring sleep quality as it doesn’t retain heat and regulate temperature instead. Aside from that, cooling pillows may help in reducing your monthly energy bills.

  1. Wake Up Refreshed

A bad night’s sleep may impact your mood and productivity levels. So, it’s crucial to wake up refreshed. Unfortunately, if you’re using a pillow that retains heat, you might not be able to recharge your body properly. As a solution, try using cooling pillows instead of any regular pillow.

A cooling pillow may help you wake up refreshed as well as allow your body and mind to be well-rested. This is because it can help you fall asleep quicker and won’t cause you night sweats, providing your mind and body with the rest it deserves to function properly.

  1. Improve Your Mental Health

A cooling pillow can help you enjoy a good night’s sleep every day, which may boost your mental health. Your rest time will also be comfortable, and you’ll notice the difference once you wake up in the morning, especially if you have a calm, free, and cool sleeping environment.

If you’re still using a traditional or regular pillow, try sleeping with a cooling pillow as soon as possible. This is especially true for those who often deal with stress or struggle to sleep.

  1. Keep Your Skin Look Younger

Even if you can depend on various beauty products in the market, you may opt for a cooling pillow to achieve a youthful look. The reason behind it is that t cooling pillows can let your body rest overnight and provide your skin with the time it needs to rejuvenate. Also, better sleep promotes hormone balance and production, which prevent blemishes and breakouts.

  1. Help with Insomnia

Sleepers who are suffering from insomnia may find it impossible to experience good quality sleep. It can be due to various reasons, such as the accumulation of night sweats that are common with depression, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances. An effective and excellent way to help with this sleep problem is to use a cooling pillow.

A cooling pillow may help keep your head cool and relax your neck throughout the night due to its cooling abilities. Typically coupled with a silk pillowcase or soft cotton cover, sleepers may benefit from the cooling effect and softness that calms down the body and curbs excessive night sweats. So, if you have insomnia due to night sweats, make sure to use a cooling pillow to sleep peacefully.

  1. Help You Avoid Metabolic Issues

Not getting enough rest and poor sleeping habits may affect your metabolic rate negatively. It may even result in metabolic problems, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

One of the advantages of using cooling pillows is that it won’t only help you rest well, but it may help improve or stabilize your metabolic rate. It’s beneficial for those who want to maintain a healthy weight and improve their sleeping habits.

How To Choose the Best Cooling Pillow for You

With the different cooling pillows to choose from, it can be confusing to choose the one suited for your unique needs. So, when looking for the right and best cooling pillow offline or online, make sure to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Consider Your Sleeping Position

When choosing a cooling pillow, it’s critical to consider your sleeping position. Unfortunately, most people overlook this factor when searching for pillows.

Your sleeping style and sleeping position absolutely play a crucial role when buying a cooling pillow. Your chosen pillow won’t be the best if it doesn’t fit well on you.

For example, if you sleep on your side, a firmer pillow with a high loft will give you the proper neck and head support. On the contrary, if you’re a back sleeper, you’ll need a thinner pillow.

When sleeping, it’s essential to keep proper spinal alignment to wake up refreshed without experiencing more pains or aches. So, before you start your hunt for the best cooling pillow, make sure to know your sleeping position if you don’t want to end up spending more time and money on the wrong pillow.

  • Know The Type of Cooling Pillow You Prefer

Not all cooling pillows are suited for everyone. It depends on your personal preferences in some cases and may vary from one to another. The good thing about pillows is that they’re much easier to switch out than mattresses.

When shopping around for a cooling pillow, you have several options, which may include gel-infused and breathable pillows. They come in different sizes and shapes, which can be suitable for anyone, regardless of their sleeping positions and needs.

Another cooling pillow you can consider is the one made of phase change material, which provides a cooling effect that lasts the longest. Aside from that, this cooling pillow has the support, feel, and look of traditional memory foam pillows. Once you choose it, you don’t have to sacrifice the other features of a memory foam pillow, but you’ll get better temperature regulating properties to help you stay cool every night.

  • Cooling Properties

The pillow’s cooling properties determine how properly it’ll keep you cool, regulate temperature, and dissipate heat. Each one may have different cooling properties. As such, having several options may be better than others.

With this in mind, you would want a pillow that doesn’t retain heat and encourages airflow instead. That’s why you may consider pillows made from materials such as copper, gel, and graphite. All of these are conductive materials and can pull the heat away.

Other than the pillow’s cooling properties, you also need to choose pillows with good moisture-wicking capabilities. Bamboo, wool, and cotton are your best options.

  • Filling

A new cooling pillow may have an unusual chemical odor that may last for a few days. But this odor should not linger if your pillow contains a synthetic material or cooling gel. So, make sure to know the filling of your preferred cooling pillow before you decide to buy it. If possible, opt for a cooling pillow with buckwheat filling for a more relaxing experience at night.

  • Materials

Another factor to consider when choosing a cooling pillow is the quality of materials used. Although cooling pillows aren’t as expensive as mattresses, you might still want to pick a pillow that lasts for years.

More often than not, these pillows are made from quality materials that are long-lasting and durable. So, opt for a cooling pillow that’s made from foams and natural latex that provide support and shape retention.

  • Firmness Level

The firmness of your chosen cooling pillow may depend on your sleeping position and some factors. Generally, cooling pillows have a soft to medium-firm feel. Typically, softer versions are made from materials, including shredded memory foam, wool, and down. On the other hand, firmer pillows are made from memory foam or latex.

  • Loft

It refers to the pillow’s height, which may range from medium to high. Several pillows have a high loaf and can be compressed easily, like wool and shredded foam. However, they’re the ones that offer adjustability, which means you can add or remove filling to adjust the height.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’ll benefit from using a cooling pillow with a low loft. For side sleepers, higher loft pillows are recommended, while back sleepers may use medium loft pillows.

Bottom Line

A cooling pillow can be a lifesaver for many people who can’t sleep better because of overheating and sweating. It doesn’t only relieve night sweats, but it may also help regulate body temperature. It also draws the heat away from the body because of its breathable fibers and cooling gel.

With these amazing benefits of cooling pillows, there’s no doubt that they can improve your sleep quality and keep you cool during hot nights. Just make sure to choose the best one suited for you to experience the perks of a cooling pillow.