6 Ways to Change the Appearance in Photos

Charlotte Miller

You might have a lot of ideas about making changes in your appearance – changing your hair color, undergoing plastic surgery, losing weight, and so on. But before you go for such procedures, it’s better to have a look at the desired result in advance. Photo editing will help you try out new looks, from picking new hairstyles and makeup ideas to making your body look fitter and slimmer.

Modern technologies allow you to experiment with your appearance like never before. So why not take advantage of these possibilities and have some fun playing with your photos? Here are 6 ideas you can get started with.

1. Change the Body Shape

Dreaming of a six-pack? Want to see yourself with bigger biceps and a narrow waist? You can easily make yourself look fit in photos to try out a new look. This might help you find motivation to work out and set some sports goals. But don’t try to adjust your body to unrealistic beauty standards, and use this trick just to find your way to a better version of yourself.

2. Plump Your Lips

Surgeries for making lips bigger and plumper have become common and accessible around the world. However, it is still difficult to bring about radical changes like that. We recommend you try different lip sizes and shapes in a portrait photo editor.  

3. Make the Nose Smaller

Whether you have a petite and dainty nose or a bold and prominent one, it is okay to feel insecure about its shape or size. But tweaking the look of your nose in pictures might help you boost confidence. For example, you can use a photo editor to make the nose bridge narrower or make the tip of the nose seem smaller.

4. Change the Hair Color

Picking a suitable hair color is a difficult task – you need to consider your skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, and latest trends. It is easier to visualize your new look by painting over your hair with the desired colors using a photo editor. When you decide on a color, make sure to try both warm and cold subtones.

5. Put on Makeup Digitally

Experimenting with makeup is so much fun, but it might cost you a fortune to buy so many lipsticks, foundations, or eyeliners until you find the perfect ones. It’s much easier and cheaper to play with different makeup ideas using photo editing software. This way, you can try different makeup styles and color palettes to discover looks that enhance your natural beauty rather than conceal or distract from it.

6. Try a Different Skin Tone

Have you ever wanted to try tanning your skin but felt uncertain about visiting a solarium? Then don’t hesitate to see if it is worth it by changing your skin tone in photos. You can make the skin look more tan or more pale to see which way you like yourself better.


Now you know 6 ideas for how to experiment with your appearance without making radical changes in real life. To play with beauty changes with the utmost ease, it’s better to use an AI-driven portrait editor. So, it’s time to try the power of new technologies on your own. You can stay true to yourself, but don’t be afraid to try new things and see what works best for you.