6 Ways to Brew a Perfect Coffee at Home

Charlotte Miller

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How do you start your coffee? With a big mug of hot coffee? Yes? Well, we agree that there is no better way to start your morning than with coffee and a hearty breakfast. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages and something that not everyone can get right.

That is why we all have a favorite café or barista without whose coffee we cannot begin our day. However, buying coffee from a shop every day tends to get heavy on the pocket. Also, some days it is not possible to get behind a queue and wait for our turn.

Alternative? Brew your coffee at home! Yes, it is possible to brew a delicious cup of coffee using coffee pods or beans (whatever you prefer). With few tips in mind, your brew can be just as perfect as that of your favorite barista.

So, try these tips below to brew the best coffee at home.

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Get the right coffee

 You cannot brew an incredible coffee at home if your beans are not right. Knowing the types of beans available in the market and how brands extract them is essential knowledge.

The most popular types of coffee beans are Robusta and Arabica beans. Even from these two, the one coffee plant that most brands use is Arabica. However, several brands mix a few Robusta beans in their coffee extract too.

Things to remember when buying coffee

  • Beans: If you are buying beans, go for whole beans and not ground ones. It is because ground beans stay fresh for some time only. If you use it after their freshness is no more, the coffee will taste stale. So, buy whole beans and grind them as per the requirement.
  • Instant coffee: Ensure that the instant coffee brand you buy uses Arabica beans or a mix of Robusta & Arabica. If it uses only the former one, it can be relatively strong. Do check for the roast type and shelf life before buying one.
  • Coffee pods: The most convenient way to brew coffee at home is to use coffee pods. When you have to buy coffee pods, make sure you check their intensity level, shelf-life, and use of beans.

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Grind the beans right

If you are using coffee beans to brew coffee, you have to be extremely careful when grinding them. It is because every brewing method requires a different kind of grind. For instance, French Press requires coarse beans. On the other hand, a drip maker or espresso requires a fine grind.

If you are not careful about grinding the beans, the water will either over-extract the coffee or under-extract.

A burr grinder will ensure that the grind is perfect and consistent every time so you can enjoy a pleasant cup of coffee every day.

Use filtered water

Another mistake that most people make when brewing coffee at home is to use tap water. Yes, the coffee-maker will boil the water, but still, tap water can have impurities that don’t go well with the coffee. It makes it taste bad or stale, and you will likely throw the coffee out.

Thus, always use filtered or bottled water. Also, never pour cold or boiling water into the coffee reservoir. The right temperature of water for coffee is between 195 degrees to 205 degrees. Use that for a beautiful cup.

Start with something simple

If you are brewing coffee at home for the first time, don’t be over-ambitious. You can shop for every piece of coffee equipment out there, but that will not help if you do not have the time, patience, or practice for brewing coffee.

Initially, a coffee pod or French Press or Filter coffee can be your best bet. They are simple, require minimum skills and equipment.

Warm your mug

Warming your mug before you pour coffee in it is another hack to enhance the flavor of the coffee. Just pour hot water into the cup, drain it, and then add coffee to it. It will ensure that the coffee remains warmer while enhancing the taste at the same time.

Store it properly

Correctly storing coffee is the key to saving its aroma and taste for a long time. As soon as you buy it, shift it to a vacuum-sealed jar and place it away from sun or moisture.

Wrapping up, brewing coffee at home means waking up to a beautiful aroma, which makes your day so much better. Use these tips and do not be afraid to experiment to get the brew right.