6 things you should know before installing a chicken coop in your garden

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If you are considering installing a chicken coop in your garden, you need to know several things to be as well prepared as possible. 

If you are considering installing a chicken coop you need to know a few things before doing it. Acquiring and keeping chickens is not an easy task and you have to be prepared for the costs and care that the birds and their installation will require. In My Animals we make it easy for you with a compilation of the things you should know before installing a chicken coop in your garden.

  1. Make sure you have enough space to install the chicken coop in your garden

Before installing a chicken coop in your garden you have to measure the available space. There are many types of chicken coops , with a single structure or several, square, rectangular, round … They are sold prefabricated or you can build it yourself.

It is advisable that you limit a space with the measures that you can afford. You also need to measure a space where the chickens can go outside, which is very important for their physical and mental health.

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  1. Take into account the climate of your region

If the chicken coop is outdoors, keep in mind that it must withstand atmospheric conditions. Rain, wind, heat, humidity and cold can all take their toll on the chicken coop .

If the climate of your locality is very cold, the interior of the chicken coop should be warm. If, on the other hand, it is very hot all year round, you have to find a shady area for your chickens.

  1. Make a budget with the materials for the chicken coop

If the chicken coop is prefabricated, you will only have to install it in your garden. On the other hand, if you are going to build your own chicken coop, make a budget with the materials you need; the cost may change depending on the type of structure. You can compare both options and choose the option that best suits your profile. You can also opt another option using amazon coupons to purchase it at discount price. 

These are some of the most typical materials to build a chicken coop:

Structure of a material that withstands well the elements: galvanized steel and PVC sheets or treated wood. It is best if the roof is waterproof.

Chicken coop mesh . To fence an outdoor perimeter.

Perches or perch poles . At a height that the hens can easily climb.

Nests . Made of a comfortable, warm, disposable material. For example, straw or pine needles.

Nest boxes.

Disposable substrate for the floor . It’s best to put in a substrate that you can dispose of like chipboard.

  1. Design the inside of the chicken coop

Once you have chosen the structure, you have to design the inside of the chicken coop . Inside the hens will sleep and lay their eggs. It should be a place where they feel safe and comfortable, at a good temperature and with enough space. The area for the nests should be at least 30 cm 2  for every four hens . And the floor of the chicken coop has to be somewhat elevated to avoid humidity.

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  1. Find out about the different breeds of chickens

Before installing a chicken coop in your garden, think about what type of chickens you want to buy. There are different breeds of chickens , of different sizes, plumage, character … You can buy native or exotic chickens, layers, free-range, crossbreeds … The purchase of chickens will involve a significant cost that you will have to add to the initial budget.

  1. Calculate monthly costs

The expenses do not end when you install a chicken coop in your garden: chickens need food and clean water available on a daily basis. The chicken coop will require cleaning and maintenance to keep the materials in good condition. And chickens may need regular veterinary check- ups to check their health.

And not least, the costs will not only be economic, but also time. Any animal needs us to dedicate time to it on a daily basis. Every day check how your hens are, if they eat well, if they lay eggs, if they bite each other, their health, etc.


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