6 Must-Have Apps for Gardeners

Charlotte Miller

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6 Must-Have Apps for Gardeners

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an amateur gardener, you must have a passion for all things green. Well, that is a good choice to have. However, not getting the right results and being unable to deal with gardening problems like a green-fingered expert can make you furious. You may struggle to identify the weed or plant or may have trouble growing a specific plant. No matter what concerns you have, there are special gardening apps that can help you not only troubleshoot a problem but advance your gardening knowledge.

In this post, we are going to give you a sneak peek into some of the incredible gardening apps for gardeners. However, just remember that using these applications necessitates an internet connection. Don’t rely on an ordinary network, and make sure you use a top-tier internet like Cox. It offers speeds up to 2 Gbps and free advanced security. Moreover, the exclusive Cox Communications en español is dedicated to helping Hispanic customers get assistance.

Anyway, here is the roster of gardening apps for you:

  1. Leafsnap

Don’t exactly know what plant you have grown in your yard? Leafsnap can help you with identification. The app first developed by researchers of the University of Maryland, Smithsonian Institute, and Columbia University, Leafsnap allows you to find out about the plan by submitting a photo of its leaves.

As the name suggests you need to take a snap of a leaf to identify the plant. This app contains high-resolution pictures of leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, petitols, and bark. It uses artificial intelligence to recognize the technology and can recognize almost 90 percent of plants and trees.

It does not only help you identify the name but will tell you all the details, including how to grow it, how much water it needs, and more.

  1. Candide

Candide is another plant identifier app but its features extend more than that. It offers a community for all gardening enthusiasts to interact and share their gardening journeys. They can discuss their highs and lows, and ask for tips and recommendations. Moreover, you can browse through the extensive plant library to learn more.

This is not it. What makes this app more special is its garden map. You can explore through a network of public and private gardens to choose a spot to visit.

  1. Moon and Garden

As the name implies, this is a unique app that helps you track phases of the moon and planting times for different plants. The app is basically built on the concept that the moon can impact crop success since it is biodynamic.

What’s more, it features a nifty calendar that allows you to plan and track records of what needs to be done in the garden. The days are divided into root, leaf, flower, or fruit aided with tips on what to do according to the phase of the moon. There is a section to record key gardening notes.

Also, Moon and Garden offer exact updates on weather conditions for your location. This app also offers valuable resources to learn from; it includes articles and tips about biodynamic gardening. You can also benefit from its community forum to connect with other lunar gardeners.

  1. myGarden

MyGarden is another stellar application that offers vast gardening knowledge from its garden tool experts Gardena. It offers free gardening tutorials and helps make gardening a breeze. With this application, you can track your garden’s progress add tasks, and set reminders so that you keep up with gardening tasks.  

  1. Smart Plant Home

Standing true to its name, Smart Plant Home is a smart and all-rounder application. However, the feature that stands out among others is the care calendar. You can add a plant and this app will automatically set up a care calendar, allowing you to oversee its growth by keeping tabs on completing the essential tasks. This app is highly recommended for gardeners who forget to watch out for plants and end up killing them.

Moreover, this app has a problem-solving tool that allows you to look for solutions to problems to troubleshoot a plant disease or pests. Through this app, you may even send images of plants and their diseases to experts across the world.

  1. iNaturalist

Created by the California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic, iNaturalist is an app like LeafSnap that helps identify plants but it also identifies other species like birds and bugs. Also, it works differently from LeafSnap. It does not use AI technology to identify the plant but it tags the image and someone in the community on the app identifies it. An exciting feature of this app is that it has a searchable map that shows the species spotted in an area.

Concluding Remarks

Gardening is a passion- and a good one. If you are a planting enthusiast and want to upscale your experience, then you must download some of the incredible applications we have listed in the article.

Happy gardening!