6 Expert Tips to Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing In Your Favour

Charlotte Miller

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Have a look at the following text messages used by top brands;

  • For coupons and special offers text START to 47272: Papa John’s Pizza
  • Dominos delivers terrific coupons, online-only deals and money-saving offers through mail and text messages only: Dominos 
  • Join the Kohl’s SMS club by texting SAVE to 56457: Kohl’s
  • text DECOR or SAVE to 827438 to receive SMS offers: Target

These are some of the biggest brands that have leveraged SMS Marketing software in their favour. Not only have those, these brands become one of the biggest market players in their own particular industries. Who gets the credit? All hail to SMS Marketing and its magic those customers have come in crawling only to boom these businesses.

However, that said and done, there are only a few companies that use text messaging as their only marketing strategy. Mostly, it’s a side hustle or an additional task that is done along with other marketing techniques. But the good news is, your business too can leverage this marketing technique by brainstorming some tempting ideas to grab your customer’s attention.

Take it as a tip we say, offer them something that can’t resist and make SMS the only channel to avail this offer. Sounds amazing right? Now that we have come here, let’s begin with our topic for discussion for today. Keep reading to know about 6 expert tips to leverage the power of SMS Marketing software in your favors.

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Create A Winning Team!

If you are planning to do this manually without a team, forget results, you are sure to visit your nearest psychiatrist very soon. Jokes apart, to achieve the efficiency and results you are looking for, having a well-trained team to back you up is an inevitable aspect you cannot alter. So if your next question up is;

“Who in my team do I need?”

Here’s the list of your winning team

  • A retail expert
  • SMS Marketing program expert
  • On-location signage coordinators
  • Digital creative designers
  • Social media experts
  • Content writers
  • Promotion specialist
  • ROI and budget analyst

Right from planning, strategizing to executing, your team needs to be the right hand to your left. It is a proven fact, numbers say that the more advanced and complete your team stands, the more are your chances to ace your SMS Marketing campaign.

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Get Some Tea for Your Customers

In times of social distancing, the “get some tea” session won’t really be possible. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot “get to know” your customers. To measure the success of your messages, one should use a CRM App.

Based on demographics one can analyses purchase history and location. This helps you send the right messages to the right customers. For targeted promotions, you can segment your clients for better results. To send out general sales and advertisement messages, bulk SMS messages are a good option to consider.

Plan the Content Out

You have 160 characters to hit the send button.

We say, the shorter, the better. Nobody likes long messages which keep beating around the bush. Convey your message in the shortest possible words and win your customers over with your wordplay. That’s the nerve of bulk SMS Marketing.

CTA to Your Rescue

Your customers won’t know what to do until you give them a clear command to take an action. That’s the role of a strong CTA. They are called to take this action because your words have convinced them to do so.

Some interesting options to play on are;

  • Show this text for 50% off your lunch this afternoon.
  • Click here to avail of this offer
  • Text to win a trip to Malaysia for free
  • Buy now and get three free!

Time It Well

We have said this time and again; the timing of your campaign will matter. You cannot send an SMS Campaign during the wee hours of the day and expect a bombastic response from the same. Be practical. Always think, what are the hours of the day when your customers might be free?

  • Lunchtime?
  • Evening time?
  • Snack time?
  • Break time?
  • After school or college hours?
  • Before vacation months? Keep thinking and time it well.

Cross-Platform Opt-In

Be it every point of contact, be present. Your social media, your website, your newsletters, your cold mailers, everything should have a connection to give your customers the option to subscribe to your SMS Marketing services. This is how you ensure maximum research with minimum efforts.

That’s a wrap for the day. We hope you found this blog useful and will leverage SMS Marketing and our small hacks in your favour. If you think we missed out on something, you can let us know the same in the comment section below. Stay tuned on Whatso to keep a tab on upcoming blogs and other informational write-ups to benefit your business.  Till then, take care, stay safe and keep sanitizing your hands.