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6 Call Center Incentive Ideas for You Staff

by Rohan Mathew
6 Call Center Incentive Ideas for You Staff

Your call center is packed with rockstars. But does productivity feel a little sluggish?

This occasion calls for incentives!

Think about it. You offer customers incentives over the phone. Incentives can be anything from discounts to free trials.

Incentives entice customers to take action. Why not incentivize your agents to strive even harder?

This strategy calls for creativity, critical thinking, and business acumen.

Here are several incentive ideas for your busy call center.

1. Team Competitions

This first tip may send shivers down your spine if you resent school projects. But give it a chance.

Team sales competitions aren’t like the group projects of yore.

Instead, you split your staff into teams. The teams could even pick their own team names. Next, you’ll set an achievable sales goal for the week.

You have the goal. Now, you need to incentivize the teams to meet that goal. What ideas come to mind?

Here are a few ideas to start:

  • Free catered lunch
  • Free company swag
  • Movie gift cards
  • Holiday bonuses
  • Bigger employee discounts
  • Amusement park passes
  • Free industry convention pass
  • Cash prizes
  • Prize gift basket

You also need a protocol for rewarding winners.

Do you want to reward just the first winning team? Rewarding the first three teams may boost morale even more.

What if some agents performed better than others, but their teams didn’t win? This is where rewarding multiple winners can help. You could reward the top performers from each group, distributing tiered prizes.

A cash prize is a good example of a first-tier award. Movie passes and free products make excellent second-tier prizes, while small value gift cards are good third-tier prizes.

However, team competitions may not be your agents’ cup of tea. Read the room to choose a competition everyone would like.

2. One-Day Incentives

Ready, set, call!

Do your call center agents thrive under pressure? Is your workplace fun and fast-paced?

Now is the perfect time to run an exciting one-day incentive.

One-day incentives are fleeting, so agents really have to push themselves to take advantage. Since these incentives inspire quick action, you could increase the sales goal to generate even more profit for the company.

Offer really juicy prizes too. These prizes are perfect for big incentive days.

  • $100 cash prizes
  • Video game gift cards
  • 50% employee discounts
  • Pizza parties
  • New desks
  • New computers
  • Netflix memberships
  • Movie passes
  • Mega holiday bonuses

Remember to keep track of everyone’s progress. You could create a goal meter that increases with every new sale and account.

3. One Big Happy Family Incentives

You’re not off the hook with group projects. Next to team competitions, you could also try incentives for the entire staff.

These incentives encourage agents to push themselves individually. However, you want to emphasize that it’s for the good of the whole staff. Instead of individual prizes, the same incentive is awarded to all phone agents.

For example, suppose you want to increase phone sales by 50% by next month. You could run a month-long incentive that encourages the entire staff to reach that goal.

How would you achieve this sales goal?

Here are a few ideas:

  • A huge getaway retreat
  • Large dinner at a fancy restaurant
  • Bonus vacation time for each agent
  • $100 per agent
  • Free swag gift baskets
  • Increased employee discounts
  • New office supplies
  • Digital media gift cards

A company retreat is an excellent incentive because it improves teamwork at the same time. Plus, employees can get to know each other better, boosting productivity and retention in the long term.

4. Company Shares

This next incentive idea is great for new companies, especially startups.

Instead of awarding cash prizes to winners, you could reward them with company shares. These shares grow in value, boosting your employees’ financial assets (and future!)

Cash prizes are more straightforward. Thus, cash may be more popular with your agents. You would need to explain the importance of stock options and how they’re more valuable in the long run.

This inventive type is a great alternative to holiday cash bonuses. It may be more attractive to employees who want to commit long-term to the company.

You could offer this incentive to managers, while agents receive cash bonuses.

This incentive is also a good idea for companies just starting out.

For example, if you’re a brand new startup, this incentive could motivate your staff to build quicker. Imagine how many new accounts your best agents could land!

5. Permanent Incentives

Incentives don’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Why not offer consistent incentives to encourage consistent productivity?

Permanent incentives can be smaller too.

For example, the three top-performing call agents could receive an extra $200, $100, and $50 on their paychecks at the end of the month. This goal gives your staff something to strive for.

Free lunch is another reasonable incentive. You could apply this incentive daily. The top-performing agent could receive a free lunch or gift card to the restaurant of their choice.

6. How to Use Call Center Data

Incentives encourage call center agents to perform at their best. These contests also yield valuable data for your company. You can use this data to improve sales, productivity, customer service, and future incentives.

Incentives generate the following data:

  • Production numbers per agent
  • The time it takes to complete each call
  • Call conversion rate
  • Call transcripts
  • Number of upsells and cross-sells
  • Customer service quality
  • Overall performance

For example, you may notice that agents aren’t upselling enough. You can use that data to improve the employee training handbook.

You may notice that the current phone script needs an update. Call center data also measures the time it takes to convert callers into customers.

Data is valuable, but you need cloud-based software that can report, organize, and visualize this data.

Don’t Hang Up on Incentives

Don’t let great incentives slip through the cracks. Motivate your amazing call center agents to sell more and take action.

Test out different incentives to see which inspires your agents the most. Next, think of a consistent solution to maintain productivity.

More tips and ideas are waiting! Check out the blog to get the latest.

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