6 Advantages of Online Ordering for Restaurants

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Many restaurants are implementing online ordering. Although it requires some investment, there are many benefits. Here are some things you should consider

Improved customer experience

You’ll realize the advantages of ordering online as soon as you place your first order. The phone is slow. If it’s busy like during lunch or dinner rush, a customer might be placed on hold for a long period.

Many people, particularly the elderly, have hearing issues. Plenty of restaurants have lots of background noise due to the amount of activity.

Either your staff or your customers might have strong accents, making it difficult for the other side to understand. Many conversations are rushed and important information might be missed.

Online ordering is completely different. It’s just pointing and clicking. Customers can take their time and do it on their phone or computer while doing other tasks. The whole menu can be considered. It’s quite easy to upsell and make special offers, which will increase revenue.

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Give statistics

Many online ordering systems track a lot of things. Some of them will show cash flow and profitability. You can see what items are popular and set up promotions. Regular customers can be identified.

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Easier to Place a Large Order

Your staff will appreciate this a lot. Large orders, such as catering, can be difficult to communicate over the phone. They are long and have many details. It’s easy to make a mistake. It’ll take some time and some customers will get mixed up.

Everything is simpler with online ordering. Your staff can just print out the order and check items off as they go.

Stay on Top of Trends

The restaurant industry is highly competitive. A tremendous amount fails every year and every quarter brings fresh competition.

The best restaurants offer online ordering. Customers have begun to expect it. They’ll associate phone-only ordering with poorly run restaurants.

In order to stay competitive, you need an online presence. Digital orders are the way of the future.

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Fewer abandoned orders

There’s an important distinction between phone and online ordering. With the phone, customers pay when they get the order. They pay upfront with online ordering.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many phone orders are abandoned and the food is wasted. Sometimes it’s a prank by local high school kids. With online ordering, the risk is greatly reduced.


With a phone order, your customer could pick up the food and you could never hear from them again. But with an online system, you get their email address. You can occasionally send special offers or even a newsletter. Some restaurants have even implemented a rewards system. You can award points to your most loyal customers, which will encourage sales.

Streamline Operations

The phones at a restaurant start ringing at the worst time – the lunch and dinner rushes. Online ordering systems don’t need any people to run. Instead, staff can print the order out and cook, package and deliver.

Many restaurants are thinking about implementing online ordering software. There are many advantages.