5 Ways to Catalyze Your Company Culture

Charlotte Miller

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5 Ways to Catalyze Your Company Culture

Even a booming and successful company can face the inherent danger of its internal culture getting stagnant over time. As a leader in your organization, you always need to be on the hunt for ways to catalyze your company culture. Doing so keeps things fresh in your operations if you know how to do it.

  1. Emphasize Interdependence in Your Personal Interactions

According to Harvard Business Review, the general attitude of people within a company in terms of how they interact with one another will fall somewhere on a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum is an organization that prioritizes competition, individuality, and autonomy. At the other end are organizations that put more focus on relationships, integration, and coordinated group work. It’s those cultures that tend to catalyze success for all involved.

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  1. Share Successes and Challenges

Everyone should have things they can celebrate. Whether it’s a collective success or something one person did, it should be pointed out and honored. This is more than just trying to be motivating or provide points of inspiration. You want transparency to be a huge thing in your company culture. It promotes trust. At the same time, you need to be open about the challenges that the organization or even individuals face. When everyone knows you are honest about the obstacles and difficulties your organization faces, then they are more willing to buy in and face these challenges as a collective group. When everyone pulls together, you have a better chance of seeing the work and ideas necessary to overcome obstacles show up from within your company.

  1. Food Is Fuel

It’s a cliche to say that everyone has to eat. However, there’s getting enough food to get through the day, and then there’s eating well enough to live life to its fullest potential. Whether you use catering services in Utah or any other state you are in, providing your team with high-quality food improves their daily work life in many ways. At the very least, it’s one less thing they have to spend their wages on. It’s also one less meal they have to worry about deciding on and arranging. When the food is tasty and healthy, you can expect morale and productivity to go up for at least that day.

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  1. Embrace Team Autonomy

If your corporate structure is full of overzealous leaders that micromanage their direct reports and team members, then it’s time to get them under control. You might even need to let them go. Employees have lots of options right now, so finding a good culture fit can be more important than wages and benefits that are competitive in so many places. Autonomy at the team level shows that you actually trust them to handle the things that they are responsible for. You might even need to let each team set its own rules regarding scheduling, remote work, flex work schedules, and even whether or not 40 hours a week is their standard. There’s a subtle yet significant difference between holding a team accountable for their projects and results and getting them to embrace the very concept of accountability.

  1. Put Purpose and Passion Into Everything

Communication isn’t just about being heard and understood by your subordinates. You need to make them believe you hear their needs. They might never actually say it out loud, but what they want is to believe their work matters. People might start working for a living just to make sure they can put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. However, people who are working for a career want their work to be meaningful. They spend more hours of their lives at work than doing anything else, so convey passion and purpose in your communications to always remind them what they do matters and why.

When in Doubt, Listen

Whether you maintain an open-door policy that lets employees come to you or you spend time amongst the rank and file yourself, have a chance to keep your ear to the ground. Just listening to your team members might make it obvious what they want or need for a better corporate culture around them.