5 Things that are Ruining Your Countertops

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5 Things that are Ruining Your Countertops

The most essential workstations in the house are the kitchen countertops. They’re specially designed, constructed, and built to resist everyday use, maintenance, preparing food, staining, and more. Despite the longevity of high-quality countertops, if you are not attentive, the damage might occur over time. Many householders are unaware that they are doing activities that may cause long-term damage to their countertops. Even if you purchase kitchen countertops from reputable companies and fabricators, you need to be aware of all the ways to avoid and prevent lasting damage. Following along with Cutting Edge Countertops will teach you how to keep your countertops in great shape. 

1. Hot Pots and Pans

There are several countertop substances that can withstand high temperatures, including granite,  and other materials like those from https://www.oppeinhome.com. Many folks prefer these countertops since they are simply practical, particularly while preparing meals, cooking, or baking. Rather than seeking something to cover the surface, it is much quicker to take a hot pan and set it right on the countertops.

Even while some countertops can withstand high heat, we nevertheless recommend using coasters, or wet towels. Keep in mind that the better you look after your countertops, the longest they will survive. Setting hot cookware directly on the countertop without covering might cause cracking or browning in some cases. Potholders can also be used as barriers to assist prevent irreversible scorch marks.

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2. Chopping Things Directly on the Countertop

Some folks may assume that since they have spent money on durable and robust countertops, they may misuse them more than they ought to. If you are one of these householders, you need to stop. Dicing and chopping straight on granite, marble, and quartz surfaces is a common sight. But, what really is the problem? You may have purchased scratch and stain proof countertops, but chopping and cutting on them on a regular basis simply increases the risk of ruining them as well as your knives. Cutting boards are simply more efficient. Fine scratches can still happen, disrupting the water-resistant sealant and rendering the counters more vulnerable to harm in the future.

3. Acidic Substances 

Kitchen countertops are extremely vulnerable to acidic meals.  Acidic meals and liquids can cause certain countertop surfaces to corrode. A simple spritz of citrus fruit juice, wine, or vinegar on the surfaces will generate etches and dull areas. Make sure you’re not keeping acidic items on your countertops, as this will create staining. You should be careful even if your countertops are stain proof. Learn how to properly clean them.

For your cleaning supplies, ensure not to get things that are too harsh, especially acidic. While your goal may be to ensure that your home is spotless, especially the kitchen, you need to be careful about the products you choose or you might end up ruining the countertops. 

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4. Excess Weight on the Counter

Overloading a hard kitchen counter might result in cracks. A heavy pot or skillet will not be an issue, but sitting or standing on your countertop on a frequent basis will. Even a minor fissure might grow into a major split, necessitating the replacement of the entire slab. Keep the extra pounds off the countertop!

You need to talk to your family members in line with this rule. They need to be aware of the amount of weight that is acceptable to be used on the countertops. It’s better when everyone is in the know and you don’t have to be constantly worried about ruining your countertops. It also creates the art of responsibility among your family members.

5. Leaving Water Buildups

Letting liquid spillage on your countertops for an extended period of time can also cause damage. The liquids may discolour the counters and possibly induce the formation of white crusty particles. To avoid this, wipe spillages promptly with a soft washcloth and, if applicable, cleanse the area.

What about sealed countertops? In truth, sealing surfaces merely prevents stains by preventing liquids from seeping through. When you keep liquid spillage on the countertop for an extended period of time, you raise the risk of damage. Whenever left on the surfaces, pools of water can develop white crusty accumulation and stains. While you don’t have to rush to clean up spills, you shouldn’t leave them to vaporize on their own. To avoid future problems, ensure you clean your countertops after wiping them down.

The Bottom Line

Every householder feels happy when they are able to maintain their house in a better place. When it comes to the kitchen, you want to keep everything in check, particularly the countertops which may seem strong and durable, but are vulnerable to damage when not maintained well. So use the pointers in this article to keep your countertops better.