5 Stunning Small Garden Design Ideas

Charlotte Miller

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Did you know that spending time outside gardening can help you destress and relax? If you want to learn about garden trends and design, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over small garden design ideas you can try at home. Transform your garden into an oasis to escape to after work and on the weekends.

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  1. Make Use Of Pots and Alternative Planters

Is your garden so small that you don’t have room for a flower bed? If so, you can fill up your space with a bunch of different-sized pots.

Garden pots are a lot less work than flower beds. Your flower pots will brighten up your small garden space. If you want a change, you can move around your garden pots.

Have fun shopping around for different vessels to hold your plants. Find alternatives to terracotta like planters at a vintage store. Some people grow flowers in old teapots, suitcases, and vintage tins.

Maximize the space you have by picking up vertical planters. Vertical planters give you space for a few pots. You could paint your planter a bright or neutral color.

  1. Make Your Garden Private

With a small garden, you still might want some privacy. Look at investing in a surrounding structure like solid fence panels. That also works with big gardens. You can also grow vines on your trellis. Vines will climb on lattice fences and walls, bringing vibrancy to your garden.

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  1. Consider a Raised Garden Bed

Do you love to grow herbs and flowers but don’t have a lot of space? Look at investing in raised garden beds.

A raised garden bed won’t take up a ton of space. Also, if you don’t have a shed for your supplies, store your equipment below the raised bed.

If you notice your back gets sore when working on the ground, you’ll have an easier time with raised beds.

  1. Fill Your Garden With Hanging Baskets

Another small garden design idea is to make the most of your vertical space. If you don’t have a lot of floor space, you can hang up flower baskets. Pick an assortment of hanging baskets.

Attach the hanging baskets from hooks on the ceiling. You could also put up posts or brackets on walls.

shire kitty playhouse for your children’s also good idea for your home garden.

  1. Do You Plan to Entertain Guests?

Another thing to consider is if you will invite friends and family over to hang out in your garden. If so, you should think about what chairs and tables will fit.

Shop around and find what will suit your small garden. Check out Teak and Table.

Use These Small Garden Design Ideas

We hope this guide on garden trends and design was helpful.

Use these small garden design ideas to transform your small green space. Consider investing in raised garden beds, hanging flower baskets, and vintage pots.

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