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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Electric Vehicle Battery

by Rohan Mathew
5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Electric Vehicle Battery

Electric vehicles (EVs) have revolutionized transportation in a relatively short period of time. Around seven percent of Americans own an electric or hybrid vehicle, according to the Pew Research Center

The heart of any EV or hybrid vehicle is the electric vehicle battery that powers everything from the motor to the radio and other electrical devices. If you are thinking of buying an EV, you’ll want to learn about the signs of a dying car battery. 

1. Delayed Charging Times

As with any rechargeable battery, your EV vehicle’s battery deals with repeated cycles of charging and draining. The average deep cycle battery loses around 2.3% of its starting charge annually.

Over time, even advanced lithium-ion batteries will slowly lose their ability to hold a charge. Many EV cars have built-in features that prevent overcharging and undercharging. This can slow the degradation of your battery’s ability to charge.

2. Visual Signs of Wear

Battery wear is a common sign that your EV battery may need replacement. Corrosion can lead to poor connections.

During your regular EV checkups, a technician will check the condition of your lithium-ion battery. If your battery has a physical defect, the manufacturer’s warranty will cover the full replacement cost.

3. Low Charge Light

EVs and hybrids have charge indicators that measure the level of charge. If your EV vehicle has a low charge even after recharging, the driver may notice lost performance. If you are noticing frequent low-charge lights, shopping for lithium batteries may need to be your next step.

4. Limited Range

If you own an EV, your range is determined by the capacity of your vehicle. Over time, that range may decrease as your battery loses the ability to hold a charge. A new EV battery can restore your hybrid or EV’s range.

5. Battery Failure

At some point, an EV battery will fail to charge or will hold so little charge that it becomes unusable. You’ll want to replace your EV battery long before it becomes a liability. A lithium-ion battery that cannot hold a charge may leave you stranded on the road.

Replacing Your EV Battery

The good news is that your old battery can be recycled or repurposed for other uses. Some used EV batteries can be used to store power from solar panels, for example. As the cost of manufacturing batteries continues to do, replacing EV, hybrid car, and golf cart batteries will continue to drop. 

Know the Signs of an Aging Electric Vehicle Battery

Knowing when to replace a car battery is important for traditional, hybrid, and EV car owners. Even the best electric vehicle battery won’t last forever, although the lifespan of batteries continues to increase. Taking steps to avoid overcharging or undercharging your battery can prolong its lifespan. 

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