5 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Car’s Engine Air Filter

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5 Signs it's Time to Change Your Car's Engine Air Filter

When you own a car then you must know about engine components as well because it affects the smooth running of your car. There are various engine components and one of them is the air filter. You can search for car filters in India on the site https://boodmo.com/catalog/3625-filters/. Here you will get the best car filter and other engine components at very reasonable rates. Furthermore, if you are the one who wants to know about air filters and when you should change them then read the post below.

# What is Engine Air Filter?

In an engine, there are basically 4 types of filters. These are :

  1. Fuel filter
  2. Cabin filter
  3. Oil filter
  4. Air filter

All these filters play a major role in the performance of an engine. Moreover, the air filter is an engine component that allows the air to flow into an engine and blocks dirt, dust, and other pollutants from entering. It helps the engine to breathe fresh and clean air and let the engine run efficiently.

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# 5 Signs to Change the Air Filter of your car’s engine 

Over time, the air filters can also get dirty and clogged and affecting the engine’s performance. If your car runs on heavy traffic on regular basis, in dusty or rural locations then it makes the performance of the air filter decline very fast. So, it is very necessary to change them at time intervals. Hence, we are giving you a list of 5 signs to change the air filter of your car’s engine.

  1. Air filter is dirty and looks gray –

One of the best ways to know whether there is a need to change an air filter is if you find it dirty or discolored. Generally, an air filter is white in color but when it gets dirty you can easily see it in gray color and filled with dirt. So, you can visually inspect the air filter under bright light and decide to change it if you see it dirty and grimy.

  1. Weird noise coming from the engine –

Usually, cars make noise because of several reasons. But if you notice weird noise coming from the engine when it is idle then there are lots of chances that there is a need to change the air filters. It may create popping, gurgling, or coughing sounds because the air filters are clogged and unable to work properly. You can check car filters in India and buy easily.

  1. Check engine light –

If you see an engine light appearing on your dashboard then it may be due to various reasons. But one of the reasons may be the dirty air filters. If an air filter is blocked, then due to the lack of airflow there is a buildup of carbon deposits. This activates the check engine light to on. 

Many drivers didn’t notice the light and are unaware of the clogged air filters. Hence, you should not ignore this light and pay attention to it. Besides, because of this reason, many car manufacturers suggest changing the air filters after every one year or 19,000 km whichever comes first, irrespective of how dirty the air filters are.

  1. Fuel economy is decreased –

The fuel efficiency of your vehicle may drop because the engine is not getting the required oxygen that is needed for its efficient functioning. The engine needs proper airflow to reach its standard level of efficiency. It has to burn the mixture of air and fuel and if it will not get the air in an ideal amount then the process of combustion will disturb. This will finally result in a decreased fuel economy. Thus, it clearly gives a sign that the air filter should be replaced.

  1. Reduced power –

If you are the one who drives the car on a regular basis and has knowledge of car driving then you might understand if it behaves in an abnormal way. So, if you are driving a car for a long time and seeing any sudden change then the problem may be due to the air filter. 

If a car suddenly stops responding to the throttle inputs it means the engine is not getting the air properly as needed. Furthermore, you may also feel that your car is struggling to grasp high speed. So, if you replace the air filters then it will provide smoother airflow to the engine and increases its performance as well.

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# Final Words :

Many car owners sometimes ignore replacing the air filters. All the major signs mentioned above in the post indicate that you should change the air filters. Moreover, if you are looking to change them then you can check car filters in India. Here you will find the best air filters with various specifications as per your need. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Changing the air filter of your car’s engine is advantageous because it helps better longevity as well as the smoother running of your car.