5 Pieces of Life Advice That Will Motivate You

Charlotte Miller

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Everyone wants to live a happy life. Everyone wants perfection in their life. One thing that you already know but I would still like to remind you is, it all starts from you. Your success, your happiness and everything starts from you. Here are a few pieces of life advice that you must know.

Stay true to yourself.

Motivation is something that is highly dependent on your mood. If you are feeling happy, there are chances that you feel motivated. But if you are unhappy, you can never be motivated. Motivation and happiness are directly proportional to each other.

Unhappiness stems when you expect something and get something else. If anything goes against you, you feel unhappy. Even when you know there is no point in making expectations, you still do that. And this is how you make mistakes.

Staying true to yourself might seem a challenge but this is one of the most effective life advice that can keep you happy and motivated.

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Do what you love.

Doing what you love seems like a good idea but what it actually demands is work, hard work. And this is why most people give up. People do not want to work hard towards their dreams but want to complain how they are forced to do something they do not like.

And many times people get their dream job, they earn enough to pay their bills but are still not happy. And this is because they get so comfortable with the routine that they lose motivation. It may take a while to realise that staying happy is not that costly. Doing something for yourself should never be seen as a waste of time or energy. The achievement based society will always judge you, no matter where you stand. It is you who has to understand what brings you true joy.

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Choose the people around you wisely.

Your five friends or relatives that are closest to you or to whom you call your people, define you. You are a reflection of those five. If those five are demotivated, you will be demotivated. If those five are active, you will be active too. It is essential to have people who have positive traits in them because they reflect a part of you. Remaining in the state of happiness when you are already surrounded by negative people is impossible. Therefore take this life advice and choose your people wisely.

Create certainty.

I have heard people saying to me that every step you take in life should be preplanned. And some other said, every day should be a new surprise. Well I have lived both the ways and all that I can say from my experience is, happiness is found somewhere in the middle. If we plan everything and proceed, life becomes boring. At the same time, if one keeps on walking a road with no end, it can be risky and uneasy. It is wise to keep the window of uncertainty always open but at the same time having certainty in life is a must.

Be vulnerable

The act of vulnerability gives an unrivaled happiness. This may sound a little frightening but being imperfect is what makes us human. Today we live in a society that has people with masks on, even we ourselves tend to wear a mask so that we portray a good image. But we do not realise that life is not about being a robot. All our best and saddest moments come from being vulnerable. Vulnerability is the secret to happiness. And this happiness is hidden within you.

I started this article with a motive of educating my readers about the pieces of life advice. I did not want my readers to regret later and think I wish I knew this 20 years ago. It’s time to stop finding happiness in perfection. Be who you are because that is what makes you!

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