5 Must-Try Adventure Sports in Manali

Charlotte Miller

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When planning a holiday in the hill stations in India, Manali always comes on top of the list. So it did when I decided to take a solo trip to Manali as an adventure. This is due to the natural charm and marvellous landscape this destination offers. Manali is, in fact, one of the most preferred holiday destinations, not only for the Delhiites who often take a scenic road trip by renting out an affordable Delhi to Manali cab, but also for the first-timers. 

Also, Manali provides the opportunity to try different thrilling adventure sports and makes it one of the most attractive towns for adrenaline enthusiasts like me who crave to spend their time doing something exciting while experiencing the surreal nature. 

Top adventure sports to try in Manali

Manali is a captivating hill station that grants visitors a host of adventure sports. There are a lot of activities in Manali that I indulged in on my voyage here. Mentioned hereunder are five must-try adventure sports when in Manali. 

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  1. River rafting

For people who covet to surmount the challenging tides of water, river rafting is a must in Manali. The cool water and thrill of adventure sports allowed me to explore the valley while having a great time. Also, the test of persisting through the intricate turns and twists of the speedy raft boat most definitely satisfied my appetite for thrill. Hence, there is no doubt that this is the most adventurous and fun activity worth giving a shot in Manali. 

Where to try – Pirdi to Jhidi

Cost – INR 500 per person 

  1. Paragliding 

If you wish to get a bird’s eye glimpse of the Himalayan ice caps and the diverse trails around Manali, paragliding is a perfect sport. Flying through the clouds and eyeing down at the mountains was a lifetime experience and it is a must-try. If you encounter nervous jitters at the idea of paragliding like me, then you can remain assured that you will be under expert supervision. 

Where to try – Solang Valley (13 km from Manali) 

Cost – INR 600 onwards 

  1. Zorbing Ball 

Are you excited at the thought of rolling down a valley while inside an enormous plastic ball? Well, the zorbing ball adventure blew my mind. This unparalleled adventure sport allowed me to experience a ride like no other! Strapped inside those crystalline globes and tossing down scenic valleys is an activity best accommodated for people with a keen craving for adventure.

Where to try – Solang Valley

Cost – INR 500 per person

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  1. Trekking

The dense forests of Manali are filled with some of the most excellent trekking tracks in India and are home to various campsites. Of course, I had to pick from an extensive assortment of trekking excursions curated for beginners as well as experienced trekkers. The tracks are recognised for their breathtaking landscapes and offered me exceptional views to practice my amateur photography abilities.

Where to try – Tosh Valley Trek, Chandrashila Trek, and Kheerganga Trek

Cost – Starting at INR 3000

  1. Mountaineering

If sky’s the limit, then this adventure sport will never fail to entice you. The towering peaks of Manali are excellent for climbing. Mountaineering is known for its commanding physical power, alertness and strong presence of mind. So, get your safety equipment in place, clutch those tightropes as you climb up to the sky. 

Where to try – Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba and Manali Peak

Cost – Starting at INR 3000

If you have never been to Manali for a vacation, then this is the best time to pack your backpacks, book your ride through a reliable cab booking app and get going! The adventure sports in Manali will elate your mind and soul.