5 Facts You Should Know About LLB Course

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5 Facts You Should Know About LLB Course

LLB, also known as Bachelor of Legislative Law is a popular course that many students opt for as it offers a stable and well-paying career. Law is an important component of society and a sector that has flourished for a long time. 

In the current times, this field has become all the more vast and many other job roles have cropped up in the sector of law. This means that if you opt for LLB course, then you can prepare yourself for a flourishing career ahead where you will have many exciting job roles to choose from. 

Doing an LLB course does not necessarily mean that you will end up being a lawyer as you can choose to be a part of the corporate world as well or even teach this subject. Here are 5 highly interesting facts that you should know about LLB. 

1. Builds a very strong foundation 

Law is among the most respected fields in the world and many of the most notable names have a degree in this sector such as Barack Obama and Margaret Thatcher. Knowledge of the law helps in making a strong foundation as it gives a very insightful view of what is acceptable in society and offers guidelines on social and civil conduct. 

In the courtroom, this learning is useful for debating client cases and can also be used in other fields – be it the corporate world or even making a career in politics. 

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2. Pursue various career options 

LLB degree prepares you for a vast number of fields and allows you to pursue global job roles. This means that if you are not interested to be in the courtroom, you have numerous new options to pick from. In the legal profession, your learning and experience are useful in various sectors. 

Many lawyers are currently pursuing flourishing job roles in various sectors which ranges from legal advisor to teaching at colleges to even being law journalist. This means you are free to choose from a variety of different and unique job roles. 

3. Teaches you critical thinking 

Being able to think critically and analyze facts is a life hack that is sought after in every professional role. As a lawyer, you are expected to think critically in the courtroom or in any other role that you undertake, the profession itself moulds you to be a critical thinker who can come up with logical solutions and is good at presenting facts. 

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4. Makes you financially stable

Law is among the most prestigious field around the world that is stable and comes with enormous financial growth. By studying an LLB course, you become qualified for the best job roles that are pivotal to society and are also highly sought after. Each of these job roles comes with an excellent pay package that allows you to become financially stable. 

5. You learn about your rights and responsibilities 

As a citizen, you must be aware of your rights and responsibilities. By studying for the LLB degree, you learn about your rights and also about your responsibilities which means that no one can exploit you or misguide you.