5 Examples of Negligence That Lead To 18-Wheeler Accidents

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5 Examples of Negligence That Lead To 18-Wheeler Accidents

The crushing aftermath of an 18-wheeler accident often paints a grim picture, with victims grappling with severe injuries and substantial property damage. Identifying the root causes of these incidents is vital in shedding light on the aspects of negligence. 

Dealing with the legal intricacies post such an accident can be daunting, and here’s where a seasoned Plugerville 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney can be a lifeline. Armed with extensive experience and know-how, they can pinpoint the culprits, collect the necessary evidence, and handhold you through the convoluted legal journey. But before we plunge into the legalities, let’s familiarize ourselves with the common forms of negligence that often lead to these accidents.

Let’s explore the five common types of negligence that can trigger 18-wheeler accidents.

  1. Truck Driver’s Negligence

Truck drivers bear the onus of ensuring their vehicle’s safe operation. However, they can occasionally falter, resulting in negligent behavior, such as driving distracted, battling fatigue, breaking speed limits, or operating under the influence. Such negligent actions can pave the way to the loss of vehicle control, delayed responses, and, ultimately, accidents.

  1. Negligence by the Truck Owning Company

The company owning the truck must ensure regular maintenance and safety. If the company falls short of performing periodic checks, overlooks required repairs, or turns a blind eye toward safety norms, they are deemed negligent. Such oversights can lead to mechanical breakdowns, culminating in accidents.

  1. Negligence by the Cargo Owning Company

The company tasked with loading the truck’s cargo needs to do so, maintaining balance and safety. A poorly loaded or secured cargo can shift during transit, unsettling the truck’s equilibrium. This could result in accidents, particularly when the truck zips at high speeds or turns abruptly.

  1. Negligence by Another Vehicle

Sometimes, the negligence of other drivers on the road can contribute to 18-wheeler accidents. Reckless driving actions, such as cutting off a truck, not allocating sufficient space for truck maneuvers, or driving in the truck’s blind spots, can incite accidents.

  1. Negligence by the Truck Manufacturer

Sometimes, the fault doesn’t lie with the driver or the trucking company but with the people who made the truck or its components. Imagine a flaw in the design or a dodgy part that leads to something going wrong with the truck while it’s out on the road, causing an accident. In such cases, the finger of blame points squarely at the manufacturer. They’re the ones who should be ensuring that every vehicle that rolls off their production line is safe and free from defects. But sometimes, they fall short, whether it’s due to cutting corners in quality control, making a mistake in the design process, or allowing a faulty component to be installed in the truck.


Understanding the various negligence forms that can catalyze 18-wheeler accidents is critical, especially if you plan to seek legal redress. If you or a dear one has suffered in such an accident, a Plugerville 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney can be your staunch ally. They can help identify the liable parties, gather substantial evidence, and build a robust case, ensuring you secure the compensation you deserve.

After an 18-wheeler accident, it’s natural to feel swamped and uncertain about the course ahead. A Plugerville 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney can provide the guidance and support you need in these turbulent times. They can help you decipher the legal maze, safeguard your rights, and amplify your voice.

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