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5 Editing Tools You Need to Know

by Rohan Mathew
5 Editing Tools You Need to Know

So, you are interested in becoming better at video editing, whether it be as a hobby or a job. The employment of video editors and camera operators is predicted to grow 18 percent from 2019 to 2029, so it’s definitely a cash cow career in the entertainment industry. But, you have no idea where to look for tutorials or where to even get started. 

Don’t worry. We’re here to help! We have outlined all of the video editing tools that you need to know about to get started today! So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 

1. Apple iMovie 

iMovie has been an All-star for a long time when it comes to user-friendly video editing software. Its intuitive design and Apple-like User-Experience makes it perfect for pros and novices alike! In addition to that, it’s free for Apple users, so it’s an excellent place to start for most beginners.

Unfortunately, its perk is its only drawback. iMovie is only available to users with Apple devices that run iOS or MacOS.

2. Video Pad

Video Pad is a unique tool used by video editors across the web. It is surprisingly cross platforms between MacOS and Windows machines, which presents it as an incredible candidate in this editing software lineup. You can download a non-commercial version of VideoPad for free with some pesky notifications and ads. Alternatively, there’s a Home Edition for $39 and the Master’s Edition for $69, which will of course get rid of those lame notifications and grant you more interesting features. 

3. DaVinci Resolve 

Just as above, DaVinci offers a free version with basically full functionality and a paid edition ($300) which offers add-ons well worth the price. Video Editors love Davinci for its color treating and extensive audio editing tools and effects. The program is also cross-platform like Video Pad, yet has a much more complicated user interface and can be a steep learning curve for newcomers.

Not a problem though. Davinci has an excellent community where you can find the perfect editing guide and a bunch of awesome tips!

4. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere is a popular, monster video editor. It can be used to easily modify 4k videos, perform expert color treatment, and process audio like a pro. You can subscribe to Premiere Pro or get it as part of the complete Adobe package. 

Some awesome Adobe Premiere wins:

  • A ton of customizable features and plugins
  • A very user-friendly interface
  • Export a project in any existing format you can think of
  • The full integration with other products in the Adobe eco-system
  • The ability to combine videos and images using Adobe Spark

But why not Adobe, then? 

Here’s the cons:

  • Adding and editing titles and subtitles can be a tricky mess
  • The high cost to obtain an official license 

5. Blender

Blender is a free program used by artists all over the globe. It is known for being a powerhouse of a program that supports 3D Editing. Because it is open-source, functional, and cross-platform, Blender has been a popular choice for over a decade. 

The only problem with Blender is it can have issues with audio latency and lacks the ability to export in all video formats. 

The Editing Tools Used to Make History

Well, there you have it! We have gone over the editing tools that you need to know about to make an impact in the industry. Now, you know where to start when tackling a project and making future edits.

Now, take that knowledge and go make video editing history! For more articles like this one, make sure you visit our site today! 

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