5 Areas Of Home Maintenance To Prioritize 

Charlotte Miller

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Whether it is your tenth home or your first, owning your own place conveys a sense of pride and joy. But with owning a home, there is essential maintenance. 

A home warranty company such as First American offers low-priced plans with additional add-ons you might require. A home warranty will protect some of your household appliances. Your basic plan will include your washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer, oven, range, cooktop, microwave, garbage disposal, and trash compactor. 

A maintenance checklist is essential for experienced and first-time homeowners to ensure nothing is forgotten. We have some necessary items to add to your list. 

Check For Leaks 

Water leaks are notorious for adding to your water bill! Detecting any water leaks early on will help you save money and avoid disaster. 

Watching your water meter is one of the most reliable ways to detect a leak. Turn off all taps and nsure that the dishwasher and washing machine are not in use. Next, keep an eye on the meter to see whether it starts to fluctuate. 

If it does, you have a rapidly spreading leak. Wait two hours before rechecking the meter if there is no immediate change. If it has changed, you may be dealing with a slower leak.

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Protect Your Foundation 

The foundation your home sits on is the most crucial structural system. A house’s foundation is considered it’s base by definition – it is what everything else is built on or around – and it is a critical element of keeping you and your family safe, comfortable, and secure.

There are many ways to protect your foundation, like watering your foundation during the dry season, monitoring the foliage around your home, and cleaning and inspecting your gutters. 

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are essential to leading excess water off of the roof. If your drains are blocked by leaves, twigs, and other debris, excess water will pool on your roof and create leaks. 

Add clean your gutters to your checklist at least twice a year to prevent cracked foundations, leaky roofs, and mold. Mold, when left untreated becomes an infestation over time and poses health risks. It is therefore essential to have mold problems addressed by professionals like mold remediation Denver as early as possible.

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Plumbing System Maintenance 

The network of water and sewage pipes inside your walls that supply hot and cold water — and eliminate waste — on demand probably doesn’t seem important to you. Without the proper maintenance, you could end up with a disaster on your hands and need to call a 24 hour plumbing company in Cincinnati.

Plumbers recommend avoiding chemical drain cleaners and regularly checking for leaks with food coloring. Add food coloring to the tank, and wait about an hour to see if water is seeping out. If the food coloring leaks into the bowl, you will need to replace the tank ball.

Electrical Inspection and Repairs

Maintaining your home’s electrical system is crucial for your family’s safety and preserving your household appliances’ lifecycle. A lack of proper electrical maintenance can cause electrocution, electrical fires, and appliance damage.

A professional, such as those from electricians denver is always needed for electrical repairs for the safety of your family and yourself.

Regular home repair and maintenance improves the quality of life for individuals there and increases its current market value.