4 tips to help your office run smoothly and efficiently

Charlotte Miller

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The role of an office manager is extremely varied and busy and can also be quite stressful at times. Things must run smoothly to allow employees to carry out their day-to-day duties without a hitch, so it’s a huge responsibility. 

If you are interested in improving your current office set-up – keep reading. We’ve put together 4 tips to help your office run smoothly and efficiently. 

An efficient reception

First impressions count, so having an efficiently run reception area is essential in any office environment. Your reception desk should be continually manned during office hours to ensure that visitors can be greeted as soon as they arrive. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure that incoming calls are handled within a specified period, and that no one remains on hold for any length of time. The more efficient your reception is, the more professional the company will appear to be.


Reliable suppliers

Another role of an office manager is to find dependable suppliers. An example of this would be to ensure you appoint a reliable and professional courier company to call upon whenever a package needs to be either collected or delivered elsewhere in a hurry. Companies like Texas Couriers offer a same-day delivery option 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so having a service like that at your disposal, could make a big difference to your organization. 

If you feel that any of your suppliers are not providing the level of service you expect, ask to meet with them and be clear about what you expect from them. If the situation doesn’t improve, you may need to switch to an alternative company. 

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Keep stocks replenished

Replenishing stocks of stationery and other office essentials before they deplete is usually the responsibility of the office manager and their team. If a busy office runs out of crucial supplies, it can create a domino effect and impact employee productivity, so it makes sense to implement some fail-safe systems and checks to ensure this doesn’t happen. 

It’s also worth asking all employees to let you know if they intend to use high quantities of one product or need additional stocks of anything. The more information they provide, the more prepared you will be. 

Office machinery contracts

Office machinery such as photocopiers and printers can stop working without any warning – which can cause ramifications in a busy office. If you don’t already have maintenance contracts for these products, it’s something to consider. Prices will vary depending on the services you require, but in most cases, you will pay a monthly fee plus a call-out charge when necessary. 

Although these costs may eat into your annual budget, it may be well worth it when you consider the disruption that it could cause if essential equipment ends up out of action for a few days or even weeks. 

A maintenance contract will give you peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, it won’t be too long until any technical issues are remedied.