4 Reasons Why Steve Madden Shoes Are A Must-Have In Your Closet

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Steve Madden continues to be a cult favourite with its luxury fashion items, specialising in accessories and footwear. Found in 1990, the iconic brand has quite interesting history for the world to discover. Initially, Madden, the founder of Steve Madden Ltd, started his company with 500 pairs of shoes he designed. He was selling them around different areas of New York City from the trunk of his car. 

As of 2021, the company reported net sales of US$1.9 billion, with the Steve Madden shoes being in trend among the young generation. From celebrities flaunting their wardrobe in an interview or characters dressed up in a particular show, Steve Madden’s products, especially the shoes, are quite a repetition. And if that makes you all curious and analytical about why you should own pairs of Steve Madden shoes, then this is the right place.

4 Reasons Why Steve Madden Shoes Are A Must-Have In Your Closet

Steve Madden adopted the regular fashion of New York City as an inspiration for his iconic brand. The Steve Madden shoes are all about helping you express your personal style. Each shoe type is developed after a thorough understanding of the prevailing style trend and the different preferences of the consumers in concern. A pair in your closet that way will serve you multiple purposes according to different dressing styles. Wait, the list has just started. Moving on, here are all those mandatory reasons claiming “Why you should own Steve Madden shoes?”  

Versatile To The Core

There are loads of options for you to choose from in Steve Madden shoes. You will get them all, from the hottest of their heels to the highest of boots. Whether you want to look all simple and chill around with friends, or it is an important day, which needs your shoes to be a little edgy, the Steve Madden shoe collection has quite some variants to select from. Coming to the collection, you can select from trainers, loafers, cowboy boots, simple sandals and high-rise knee-length boots. Be it any season or look you want to master, there is a Steve Madden shoe that serves the right comfort. 

Available In Both Vegan And Leather Options

When thinking about high-priced variants, consumers have a fixed set of goals. And occasions when you are prioritising among leather and vegan styles, Steve Madden as a brand has the ultimate solutions to cater to. You can choose from faux leather heels and trainers among the vegan variants here. You can select knee-high styles in authentic boots besides those with high heels from the leather options. The materials are nicely cured, making your shoes long-lasting compared to the price you have paid. 

True To Size

All shoes available with the brand are focused on maintaining a standard width. The brand has developed its shoe glossary from A to Z, helping you browse according to the shoe variants. Moving on to the Steve Madden shoe sizes, they are usually true to your actual feet measurements. When you wear half sizes but whole sizes are available with the brand, size up for a perfect fit. This is what the brand experts suggest.   

Environment-Friendly Products

As of a sustainability report from 2020, Steve Madden is expanding its efforts to enhance and protect the well-being of its employees. By 2025, the brand aims to train all its employees on sustainable designs, using materials that are easy on the environment. Also, the brand focuses on 100% eco-friendly packaging based on recycled and renewable materials. It has been training the suppliers on rightful waste reduction tips for a seamless output.  

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Take Care Of Your Steve Madden Shoes 

Here is how you can take care of your favourite pairs from Steve Madden:

  • When wearing leather fits from Steve Madden, use a damp cloth to remove the surface soil. Also, you can apply a thin layer of Vaseline petroleum jelly on the shoe to restore the leather’s natural shine. To maintain the flexibility of the leather, apply preservatives or conditioners.  
  • Use toothpaste and a toothbrush for the buckles and belts of your shoes. Then wipe it off with a damp cloth or use cold water for a thorough rinse. 
  • For your satin shoes, make sure to take them to the dry cleaners based on how frequently you wear those to the world outside.
  • Use light sandpaper or a suede brush for those perfect pair of Suede shoes. Restrict from using water on the shoes because, as a result of dissolved minerals, your shoes will get these visible spots, odd to the eyes. Use a gum eraser, or rub through the soft side of an emery board to remove spots. 


Steve Madden has made it into the list of luxury essentials for various reasons. And the most important among them is the brand’s ability to balance out quality and style. Whether you go for Steve Madden shoes India, or any part of the globe, the brand always ensures the right type of service and quality.