4 Common Braces Maintenance Errors and How to Avoid Them

Charlotte Miller

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In the US, over 4 million people wear braces. And braces aren’t just for children either; around 25% of these people are adults!

While braces might be very common, it’s actually quite shocking how many don’t know how to properly care for them, even after they’ve received some guidance from their dentists.

If you wear braces or are considering them, then it’s important that you take care of them in the best way possible so you get the best results. Below, we’ll discuss 4 common braces maintenance errors to avoid.

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  1. Not Brushing or Flossing

Normally, it’s already important that you brush and floss, especially after meals. But once you get braces, it’s especially important that you do so! Not only will brushing and flossing help you fend off harmful bacteria, but they’ll also prevent stains from occurring on your teeth.

If you find these tasks difficult, then you can ask your dentist for braces cleaning tools.

  1. Eating and Drinking Forbidden Foods

Remember how we just said that regular brushing will prevent staining? Well, you also need to stay away from forbidden foods.

Not only can these stain your teeth, but they can also damage your braces. For example, you should stay away from hard and sticky foods like popcorn or hard candy.

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  1. Not Going to Your Appointments

There are several types of braces, but they all have one thing in common: you need the guidance of a dental professional to ensure you’re on the right track!

So if you have a braces maintenance appointment, don’t skip it. Your dentist will be able to tell how much you’ve progressed and can adjust your personalized treatment plan accordingly if needed. This will enable you to straighten your teeth in no time.

  1. Not Wearing Your Retainers

Just because you’re done with braces doesn’t necessarily mean you’re done with teeth straightening! 

Right after you get your braces off, you’ll most likely be fitted with retainers. This is to keep your teeth in place and not go crooked immediately. The retainers will help your teeth transition into relying on nothing to hold them in place.

This makes it vital that you wear your retainers as advised. In most cases, you’ll have to wear them consistently for a year before you can retire them for good. Otherwise, you might see your teeth slip back into their old positions.

If you choose a highly recommended dentist, they can help you avoid all the above errors and more.

Don’t Make These Braces Maintenance Errors

Now that you know about some of the most common braces maintenance errors, you’ll know what not to do. Not only will this ensure that you take good care of the pricey braces you have, but that you get good results and fast. It’ll be a win-win situation for you, so make sure you make the effort to be responsible!

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