4 Benefits Of Deep Linking Mobile Apps

Charlotte Miller

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Deep linking mobile apps is an important technique to learn for any app developer. But given how much it can help improve your site in various ways, you may want to consider deep linking your app too. More commonly known as “universal links” or “smart links” by many developers, this technique allows users who visit their browser on a desktop or laptop to be sent directly into the installed app for the desired site instead of opening up the browser window. Marketing platforms like AppsFlyer can help you do this. This post will help you understand the importance of deep linking your app (and why you may want to).

  1. Re-Engage Users

Everything you do on the web has the potential of being relevant to your users. When they visit your site, you want them to feel like they are there, so they decide to stay. Deep linking helps with this because it gives the user a better experience when they visit your site. It makes it look more personal and engaging.


2.User Experience

Mobile app deep link travels with the user and keeps the context of the app. It makes sure that they don’t lose their place and can continue from where they left off.

Deep links appear in the same format on the mobile browser or within an app. If you open a deep link from a mobile browser, the app will open and navigate to that place automatically. If you launch an app, it will usually open to that content.

Deep linking is one of the ways you can make your mobile app feel more like a website. It allows users already using your site on their desktop or laptop to continue using it without interruption. The user will click links within the installed app and be redirected back to where they were.

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  1. Easier Navigation

Deep linking is also beneficial for allowing users to navigate through your site easily. This is especially important if you have a lot of content on your site because it will help reduce the amount of scrolling they have to do. This is also beneficial if your site relies heavily on Google Analytics to increase your user’s engagement. With universal links, they will no longer have to go into the browser tab or window every time they want to track their activities.

  1. Bug Free

Deep linking also helps users to be more aware of your site’s security. When you use mobile safari, you can’t easily click through links, but there are several technical means of doing it.

Links in the form of a URL need to be tapped on twice for it to open. It’s a safety feature that ensures that no one can accidentally go through a link and leave the site. Mobile safari also has a great security mechanism. Even if a user forgets to tap twice, it will give them a warning message before going anywhere else. This gives users the chance to remember to tap twice before they leave your app.

Although deep linking has many benefits, you should also remember that not many apps currently support it. This is why it’s likely to take some time before it becomes commonplace among all mobile apps. But even though your app may not be widely supported yet, it’s still highly recommended that you use it. For more information on how to do so, read this article about how to deep-link your app.