3 Reasons Custom Whitening Trays Are the Best Option for Brighter Smile

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3 Reasons Custom Whitening Trays Are the Best Option for Brighter Smile

Want a brighter smile?

One needs to be very strategic while making their Teeth Whitening Choices. There are multiple options for this procedure, but not all the whitening products are as safe as we think. Therefore, analyzing all the pros and cons for each of these methods, you need to make an educated decision for a long-lasting white smile.

Custom Bleaching or teeth whitening trays are the best options for those who cannot visit dentists regularly, helping lighten the room with an easy-white smile. Many people trust this method; less time-consuming, affordable, and comfortable at the same time.

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3 Reasons why Custom Bleaching Trays are the best for Teeth Whitening

A bit different from other methods used to brighten a smile, taking custom home trays as a bleaching agent can be a relief on your pockets, helping with easy removals of discoloration caused by certain foods, tobacco, or because of improper cleaning. 

  •  Super Convenient: 

With the easy option to whiten your teeth at your home, this is one of the super convenient methods that does not require any prior schedule and is far cheaper than in-office-based tooth whitening procedures.

For people loaded with a lot of work and who cannot spare extra time for a dentist’s visit, this is the best and the most affordable option for you.

  • Dental Expert Assistance

People sometimes use tools that are either not recommended or supervised by dental experts. This can lead to scary situations, as using excessive chemical-based products without any professional guidance can lead to deteriorating oral health.

Whereas with Custom Bleaching trays, you will also get professional guidance, helping you with tips and tricks for better uses. They will guide you in selecting the perfect shade, examining tooth sensitivity, and providing an overall kit for the best use.

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  • Custom-Fit

All our teeth are shaped differently, and a professional can only help understand the same. Custom Fit teeth whitening trays are furthermore designed with your actual teeth impressions, giving the perfect shape. The tray will fit perfectly to your teeth without any risk of gel spilling all over the mouth and protecting your gums from the solution.

Custom Fit trays come with a timeline of two weeks. This says that you need to take at least two weeks to ensure the perfect tray fits, which further depends on the bleaching product and the patient’s needs. People also can stop wearing the trays when they think they have achieved the desired shade of whiteness.

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Why Do People Use Bleaching or Whitening Trays?

Professional and experienced dentists recommend affordable teeth whitening options, such as custom bleaching trays. The FDA has approved this as the professional treatment addressing your tooth surface’s yellow and tough stains.

Trim defects and little molding can sometimes be uncomfortable and increase the chances of bleaching gel contact with gums. This, therefore, gives a burning sensation to the gums, reducing the effectiveness and whiteness.

Custom Bleaching Trays are made of flexible ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) that easily mold according to your teeth. This material fits gently around your teeth, allowing teeth whitening in between and on the surfaces.

One of the main reasons for opting for this method is that it does not ask for regular dentist visits, and you need not pay any extra charges. This extends an easy tooth whitening touch-ups option at home, without any pre-booked sittings.  

Why Are Custom Bleaching Trays So Effective on Teeth Whitening?

Custom Bleaching Trays are specially customized for you, preventing the spill of whitening gel all over the mouth. Therefore, this will last for a longer time with no more asking for an extra gel at the time of touch-ups. This is an easier and comfortable option, eliminating the need to make multiple appointments and spending extra money.

If you are searching for Teeth Whitening at Home, Custom Bleaching Trays are the best options for your searches. If you order a custom teeth whitening kit online, you will get a mild whitening gel and whitening trays to help hold the gel on your teeth.

 To help maintain the results from bleaching trays, you need to take some special precautions. Rinsing, brushing, and flossing daily, along with avoiding some of the tannin-rich foods and beverages like white and red wine, carbonated beverages, sports drinks, coffee, black tea, and sauces.


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