3 Marketing Methods Your Business Might Not Be Taking Advantage Of

Charlotte Miller

Getting the attention of potential customers is no easy task. Many businesses take the same approach, hoping their pitch will somehow be heard above all the other noise. But for your company, the best marketing strategy might be to zig when your competitors zag.

Nearly every company is using some form of digital marketing. Let’s consider some tactics your business might not be currently using that can bring in leads and generate revenue.

Native Advertising

You may not be familiar with the term, but you’ve undoubtedly interacted with native advertising at some point. This form of marketing is designed to target buyers where they are. For example, you might be car shopping and looking at the top-rated vehicles for safety. In your search, a native ad might pop up for an automaker whose vehicle has been given a high safety rating by a respected agency. Because the ad is in context with content you’re already viewing, you’re more likely to interact with it.

Using a native advertising agency can help your business get ads placed on platforms and channels using content most relevant to consumers. The benefits of native advertising go beyond its ability to blend with existing content. It’s more targeted in reach. This makes it more appealing to particular customer behavior or lifestyle segments. Native ads are also resistant to ad blockers since they’re seamlessly integrated with the platform on which they run.

The flexibility of using various formats makes native advertising impactful. Blog articles, infographics, and videos can all be integrated into existing platforms to help businesses reach targeted audiences and encourage interaction with ads.

Short-Form Video Content

YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have given businesses of all kinds the opportunity to produce quick-hitting video snippets that are engaging for their audience. According to HubSpot’s 2023 Social Media Marketing Report, short-form video provides better ROI than other social media formats. It’s also growing more than any other social trend.

The best part? It doesn’t require an expensive production crew or hours of painstaking editing. Short-form videos can be between 60 and 90 seconds long. But for most users, the sweet spot for engaging content is between 7 and 15 seconds. With a good idea and a smartphone, most any organization can create a video that engages and delights viewers.

Consider what social media channel makes the most sense for your business and begin producing organic video content that’s relevant to your target audience. It might be an instructional video on using a particular function of your software. It could be a humorous video on a trending topic using an angle related to your brand. Short-form video content allows you to unleash your creativity and connect to customers in a more engaging way than traditional marketing methods.

Email Marketing

The demise of email has been greatly exaggerated. The truth is the vast majority of consumers still use it frequently as a routine form of communication.

Still, too many companies fail to embrace impactful strategies in their email campaigns. Even if your business has utilized email marketing for years, you may not be doing so effectively. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my subject lines boring? If emails are a high-end fashion retail store, the subject line is the sleek new pair of shoes in the window. Or maybe it’s the sign on the door shouting out a huge sale. Regardless, the subject line is what hooks a reader and gets them to open the email. Without a strong subject line, the quality content of your email won’t make a difference.
  • Is my email relevant to the reader? Personalization matters. This starts by segmenting your email list based on behaviors, interests, and locations. Use the reader’s first name. Speak to their problem. Make your email content count.
  • Is my email list clean? One way to improve open rates and reduce bounce rates is scrubbing your email list periodically. Remove emails that bounce back. Identify disengaged subscribers and remove inactive ones. Cleaning up your email list can also save you money by preventing you from sending emails to inactive accounts.
  • How is my email designed? Clunky emails get deleted. Be sure the copy in your email is concise and to the point, keeping it to 150 words or less. Make sure it’s optimized for mobile as well. Provide a bold call to action that’s clear to the reader. Designing your emails for the best user experience can make a huge difference.
  • Are my emails compliant with privacy laws? Several countries, U.S. states, and the European Union now have laws in place to ensure consumers that their data is protected. These laws also require companies to provide recipients a way to opt out of emails. Make sure your emails abide by these laws.

Gone are the days of spamming people with annoying marketing emails. Customizing your emails and fine-tuning them so they’re pertinent is key.

Meeting Your Audience on Their Turf

Whether you’re using short-form videos, native advertising, or updating your email campaigns, always strive to meet the needs of your customers where they are. The beauty of these three methods is that they focus on content relevant to consumers.

Digital marketing is key for any business. Adopting new strategies and approaching old ones in a fresh way can help your company stand out from your competition. That requires listening to your customers and tailoring your content strategies to them.