16 benefits of using mobile applications at corporate events

Charlotte Miller

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Why are Apps for events more and more essential every day?

We could focus on what they don’t offer and finish sooner because their possibilities are almost limitless. Think for a moment about what your needs are when organizing an event of any kind. Your needs and everything you could ask for to make the organization more agile, accessible, and communicative. Okay, we know that you can’t think about that for a moment. We would have to sit for a long time, and still, we would keep coming up with things that you don’t usually remember until you don’t need them at the moment.

In a much-summarized way, what the Event Apps offer you would be agile and accessible communication with the attendees. It is a plus; it guarantees a better experience and will soon become a must-use at all events. It is comfortable and easy. Who is not going to like it? The one who tries it hopes to have it also in the next event, and if he does not have it, he will miss it. Let’s see a little more detail below.

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What are the advantages of using an App for events?

So far, we have made a very brief summary of what an App offers us: Communication. But it goes much further: from consulting the plan, receiving notifications, or arranging meetings to the participation of attendees and gamification options that promote networking. The benefits are many. We will briefly list the most important ones:

  1. Attendees have access to the complete program that the organizer can present and order to their liking and make the changes they need. They also allow you to create alerts and sessions on the calendar.
  2. Allows attendees to sign up for activities or workshops that require this registration requirement. It gives the organizer an overview of which profiles are signing up for which activities are more successful.
  3. The list of speakers can be published, and they can edit their data themselves.
  4. You can attach all the documents that you consider essential to complement the sessions.
  5. News section. To keep attendees informed and interested.
  6. Each attendee can bookmark their favorite content and add notes.
  7. Ease of attaching maps and including locations.
  8. Places of interest. Complementary content can be added to the event to schedule alternative activities in their free time: getting to know the city and restaurants.
  9. Personalization. Apps are usually custom-designed, easily manageable, and can update at any time.
  10. Exhibitors. In events with exhibitors, you can attach the complete list with information on each that can be marked as a favorite and add notes.
  11. Sponsors and announcements. The same participants or sponsors can use exclusive advertising slots. Some Apps also advertise to third parties, but this is not usually the case with this type of private application for specific events.
  12. Interaction. Social walls can enable sending questions or comments, interacting in real-time with the speakers, or conducting surveys to obtain detailed feedback from the attendees.
  13. In real-time, public, or private spaces, chats can agree on appointments between attendees or include social profiles.
  14. Contact forms. Through these forms, attendees can make comments, questions, or suggestions directly to the organizers.
  15. Any vital communication for any reason will reach all attendees who register in the application.
  16. Analytical. These tools allow you to generate reports and statistics to have complete feedback and to be able to analyze the result of the event in any of the parameters that you want to study.

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Some of these aspects already seem essential for people who have been using this, and their demands go further. But, as we said above, the day is very close when all this becomes normal in all events. 

Sometimes we complain that technology takes us away from the people around us, right? However, it is one of those cases in which we can say that it is the other way around: it unites us, communication is more agile. So now take this opportunity to give this helpful tool the space it deserves. 

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