11 of the Most Common Reasons to Junk a Car

Charlotte Miller

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Every year, 27 million cars worldwide meet the end of their useful lives. If you have a vehicle in or nearing this category, you might be wondering what to do with it and how to junk your car.

Cars that are still in good condition and have only minor problems might be suitable for selling or trading in. Others aren’t as easy to sell. Before you junk a car, find out why most people go that route.

Check out these common reasons for junking a car to decide if it’s time for you to part with your old vehicle.

  1. It’s Been in Lots of Accidents

Sometimes you have tough luck on the road and your vehicle ends up in multiple accidents. Minor damage is relatively easy to repair and doesn’t affect how the vehicle drives.

More significant damage can be more costly to repair. Even with the repairs, the vehicle might not be as safe as it once was.

You also run into buyers not wanting a vehicle that’s been in an accident, even if it was relatively minor. Not disclosing that the vehicle was in an accident or lying about the car’s accident history can put you at risk for legal action from the buyer. Buyers can also run vehicle history reports and discover the accidents.

If you’re ready to move on from your accident-prone vehicle, scrapping it is a good option. 

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  1. Repairs Are Too Expensive

When your car constantly need repairs, it might be time to start searching for sell my junk car options in your area. As a vehicle gets older, it seems like more and more mechanical problems start to happen. You might feel like you’re constantly taking it to the mechanic and dealing with check engine lights.

Older vehicles also tend to have cosmetic issues that make it less comfortable, even if it still runs. Your windows might stop working or the heat could go on the fritz.

Older cars also have a much lower value than they once did. If you continue putting thousands of dollars into repairs, you’ll never recoup that money.

If you’re dealing with constant repairs or you have a major expense, such as a new engine, it’s often better to junk the car than sink more money into it. Look at the cost of the repairs compared to the value of the vehicle. If the repairs are a lot more than the value, consider junking the car.

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  1. It Becomes an Eyesore

Junk cars have often seen better days. Not only are they outdated, but they often have rust consuming the body. They might have different colors of paint if you’ve had to replace parts.

If your car is parked on your property, it can become an eyesore. Neighbors will notice the junk car and may even complain. Your home loses value because its curb appeal drops.

When you scrap a car that has become an eyesore, you instantly give your home a facelift. You can clean up the area left behind and be proud of how your place looks.

  1. You Need Quick Cash

Selling a car for scrap metal is a quick way to earn cash. No matter how bad the condition of your car, you can get some money for it when you junk it.

You don’t have to wait for the perfect buyer. Junk yards are waiting to buy old vehicles, and they’ll pay you on the spot for them. If your car doesn’t work and you could really use some extra cash quickly, scrapping a car is a smart choice.

You can also save money in the long run. You can skip the yearly registration for the vehicle.

If you’re still driving the vehicle, you can take it off of your insurance and lower your rates. A vehicle that’s older and has lots of issues will also likely get poor gas mileage. By getting rid of it in favor of a more efficient vehicle, you’ll save money when you fuel up as well.

  1. It’s Unsafe

Car still on the road have an average age of 11.9 years. A lot has changed in the last 12 years regarding safety features and vehicle technology. 

Vehicles that are a lot older likely have even more safety issues, such as no airbags and less technology to help monitor the safety of your vehicle. Perhaps your seat belts no longer function correctly.

Your vehicle could also be unsafe if it doesn’t drive well. Hard steering, poor brakes, and other issues make it more difficult to control your car, which could lead to an accident.

If it constantly overheats or dies on you, the vehicle could leave you completely stranded someday. If that happens in freezing temperatures or on a busy highway, it puts you in danger.

If your old vehicle still runs, look at the safety features it has and how well those features function. Consider scrapping the car if it falls short of today’s safety standards. You’re putting yourself, your passengers, and others on the road at risk if you continue driving it.

Selling an older vehicle that’s unsafe puts other people at risk. Getting it off the streets and making money while you do it is the best option.

Your old car can be a danger even if it isn’t being driven. Kids could mess around in or near an old vehicle on your property and get seriously injured. You could be held liable for these injuries.

  1. You Don’t Have the Title

Maybe you’ve had your vehicle so long that you misplaced the title. Perhaps you inherited an old vehicle from a relative, but the title wasn’t found. Even if you own the vehicle or obtain it legally, you can’t sell it to someone else without the title.

You can, however, sell it to a salvage yard, assuming you obtained it legally. It’s an easy out when you want to get rid of your vehicle but don’t have the proper documentation.

  1. It’s Harboring Pests

You might not use that junk car that’s parked on your property, but pests often will. Stinging insects might build hives in the old car and put people and animals at risk of getting stung. 

Rodents can also find their way into or underneath your vehicle for shelter. Rodents can carry many diseases that put your health at risk. They’re also a nuisance to you and your neighbors.

If you notice your junk car has become a home for pests, it’s time to get rid of it. Better yet, sell it for scrap metal before it becomes a home for pests to keep your yard clean and safe.

  1. It’s a Hazard to the Environment

Old cars often start to leak fluids, whether you drive them or leave them parked. Gas, oil, coolant, and other vehicle fluids are often toxic to the environment.

They can seep into the ground, contaminating the soil and groundwater or killing plant life in the area. If people or animals come into contact with the fluids, it can become hazardous for them as well.

Junking the vehicle eliminates that risk to the environment, people, and animals. Salvage yards know how to handle fluids and materials from your vehicle responsibly. They recycle many of the car parts, which can make you feel like you’re doing your part for the environment and getting paid for it.

  1. You Can’t Find a Buyer

There are always buyers who want a bargain, but some vehicles are just too old and in too rough of condition for even the biggest bargain hunters. Maybe you’ve advertised your car multiple places and haven’t had any inquiries. People who do want to see it decide it’s not the right car for them.

If you’ve tried to sell your vehicle, but you can’t find a buyer, scrapping it is a good alternative. You’ll still get cash for your vehicle, and you can end your exhaustive search for a buyer.

  1. You Need the Space

If you have one or more junk cars on your property, it’s time to reclaim that space. Even if you have a large acreage in the country, having that space back makes your property more functional and more attractive.

Getting rid of the vehicle lets you use that spot for other things. If it’s in the driveway, you’ll have more room for your working cars and your guests to park. If it’s in the grass, you can plan a new home improvement project, such as a patio area, bonfire pit, or basketball court.

  1. You Don’t Want the Hassle

Scrapping a car is an easy way to get rid of your old car. You don’t have to advertise it or find your own seller. You simply get a quote and agree to junk the car.

Most salvage yards will pick up the vehicle for you. This saves you the hassle of driving an unsafe car or paying to have it towed if it’s not drivable. The overall process is quick and easy with very little work on your part.

Know When to Junk a Car

When you junk a car, you’re free of the burden of the old vehicle. Junking a car is good for your wallet, your yard, and the environment.

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