10 Ways to Grow your Social Media Presence

Charlotte Miller

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With 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook and Instagram collectively, it is impossible to consider social media as one of the methods to grow any kind of business. Social media helps to connect opportunistic businessman with their potential customers. A person with no social media network will always lag behind a person who has astounding e-media connections. 

Social media offers the same opportunities to everyone who is seeking to grow their business, company, network or their personal growth. This generates huge competition. Amid the competition, there are some hacks and statistics to buy followers and likes. 

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Here are such 10 ways to grow your social media presence:

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  • Increase Engagement

    Engagement plays an important role in your social media growth. If people are not engaging with your content, the social media platform might take it as a bad signal and reduce your reach. One easy and effective way for beginners to increase engagement is to Buy Instagram Followers and Instagram Likes. It will help your page to get the initial boost you needed and get more followers.
  • Work on profile: 

Your profile is the first thing that a person looks for before following any account. Never compromise on your Instagram handle, bio and profile photo. Your profile should embody your goal, results, actions and your attitude. The thumb rule to make your profile unique is to be loyal and genuine with every content you put in your account.

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  • Schedule your curated content: 

Content should always be properly researched, thoughtfully organised and disciplinary scheduled. Your followers will keep on following you and will appreciate your content only if it is valuable to them. Organising content will show your hard work and dedication towards the audience and properly scheduling your content will make Instagram put you on top as per its algorithm.

  • Follow influencers of the relative field: 

Following influencers of the relative field will not only keep you updated but will also help you to buy Instagram followers and likes. All the followers of the influencer will come across your Instagram handle in their suggestion bar and will surely follow you. 

  • Use hashtags: 

Using hashtags will do wonders on your account. Using hashtags will show your feed to all those followers who follow that specific hashtags. Make sure that you use all kind of trendy and relative hashtags so that you can reach a large audience. 

  • Interact and Respond: 

Posting content and making sure that your profile looks great and unique all the time will do little good if you keep on ignoring your audience opinions and their views. It is of paramount importance to interact with your audience either by using the Instagram go-live feature or replying to their comments in the comment section. This way you are showing that you respect and love your audience.

  • Use the trendiest features: 

Using trendy features such as making reels, posting IGTV video and creative stories will show your activeness over the social media platform. This way you can reach out to more Instagram users. 

  • Generate visuals: 

Posting content consisting of visuals will always do great for your account; this is because a human mind can process visuals faster than any written or audio content. So, to make sure that the user does not scroll down and pay attention to your feed use visuals and videos as much as possible. 

  • Collaborate and Expand: 

Collaborating your reels, IGTV videos and live sessions with influencers will make your account reach a great number of users. This is the most overlooked hack of buying Instagram followers and likes. Make sure that you do this as frequently as possible and always give prior notification to your followers so that they do not miss out on any update. 

  • Never forget to mention your why: 

Why people should follow your account and what are values that you are adding, should always be answered in your content in one or the other way. If your audience knows that following your account will help them to reach their goal, they will not only follow your account but will save, share and like it.

  • BONUS TIP – Run advertisements:

Running advertisements over Instagram can give your account tremendous views and will help you to buy more followers. This may cost you a little, but this should be taken as an investment as it will generate huge traffic on your profile. 


Social media presence is the essence of most modern business. If your business does not have a good following on any of the social media platforms, you might end losing media coverage as well as many easy leads you might have generated. So, build a social media presence as you go forward in your business journey/