10 Tips on Foreign Exchange Trading in 2022

Charlotte Miller

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10 Tips on Foreign Exchange Trading in 2022

Forex is becoming more popular as new and seasoned investors begin to see how easy it is to understand and how easy it is to trade. 2022 is also set to be another great year to start forex trading. 

If you are new to the forex game or want to get better at what you do, here are ten tips from Oanda you should remember to improve your trades and hopefully improve your profits in 2022.  


Research and learning are vital, no matter how much or how little you already know. Not only does it keep you on top of current events and news that could have an impact on your trades, but it keeps you up-to-date with the latest trading strategies. 


When you are first starting, there is a lot to take in and a lot you won’t understand about the platform you are using, how to buy and sell, and the ins and outs of trading as a whole. Most brokers will come with something known as a demo account. 

A demo account will give you a bank balance of fake money that you can use to practice trading without the risk of losing your own real money. It is the best way for beginner traders to get hands-on experience. 

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Have a Plan

You always need a trading plan, a set of steps of goals you want to work towards in a week, a month, or a year. Your plan doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed, but it should include a rough estimate of your profit goals and how you’re going to reach them. 

Your plan needs a backup plan in case things go wrong. You want to know what you will do if things go pear-shaped and how you can mitigate the damage. 

Start Slowly 

The worst mistake you could make is starting too strong and getting too deep too quickly. You must remember that trading isn’t like a movie, you can’t make a huge play, and then it magically turns out well, and now you’re rich. 

Start slowly and invest a small amount of money, with the goal of using your profits to fund your next trade. This method allows you to continue trading without constantly dipping into your own pocket and essentially losing money. 

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Budget Management 

Always manage your money correctly and know what you are spending and when you are spending it. The last thing you want to do is reach a stage where you have no idea how much money you have invested and how much you have lost. 

Mistakes are Lessons 

Don’t let mistakes get you down. Sometimes you’ll trade too early and miss out on a massive profit; sometimes you might trade too late and lose money. Use these mistakes as a way to learn, look up what happened in the markets, and find out why things played out the way they did. 

This has a two-fold benefit as well, as you will start to learn patterns that can help you spot when a big high or low is coming and allow you to react appropriately. 

Keep Your Emotions in Check 

A mistake many traders make is trading with their hearts and not with their heads. It is incredibly easy to let the thoughts of being rich force you to make a mistake. On the other hand, an instant, emotion-driven reaction to a big loss is also a huge problem. 

Always take a breath before you do anything; this gives you a bit of time to consider what you are about to do and ensure you are making a move you won’t necessarily regret. 

Understand Risk Management 

You need to learn the pros and cons of taking a risk. While it sounds awesome to be that person who risked on a “crazy” trade, and it paid off, more often than not, it won’t. Risk also needs to be balanced with how much money you have. 

You should never risk more money than you are willing to lose, and this logic applies to everything from cryptos to sports betting. 

Know When to Stop 

Self-control is a necessary part of trading. You need to teach yourself to stop at some point, no matter how good something may be. The worst thing you can do is take one too many bites, as more often than not, you get bitten back. 

Don’t push your luck; the temptation of more profit is hard to fight, but seasoned investors will tell you that it is better to end the day with a small profit than be greedy.

Learn Patience 

Patience can be your best friend when you learn how to use it. Some forex investments require weeks of waiting before paying off. The sooner you learn that waiting it out can be better than doing something, the more successful you are setting yourself up to be.