10 Best Toddler Mattresses for New-age Kids

Charlotte Miller

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Good sleep is an inevitable requirement for the proper growth of children. In descending order of your child, from teenagers to toddlers, they will need 8 to 14 hours of sleep daily. And what’s the most important thing that can ensure good sleep for kids? Apart from a room’s noise-free and perfect ambience, your kids also need a good quality mattress for a healthy night’s sleep.

And shopping for the best kids’ mattress online might seem like a straightforward process, but there’s a lot that you must keep in mind. As stated earlier, the sleeping habits of kids vary depending on their age. But you must also consider the size and comfort needs associated with the mattress selection.

To help you skip the queue and find the best mattress for kids, here are the ten top picks for you to count on.

1. Sleepwell Latex Plus Mattress

Sleepwell is undoubtedly the best mattress brand in India and has some best collections for your kids. Among them, Latex Plus is the best mattress for children, as it offers your kids the comfort of latex material and a pressure-free sleep experience. Due to this, your kids will experience perfect body support with the special contouring technology and side support backed by the engineered sidewall technology.

The use of Sleepwell Latex Plus foam adds plush comfort and a bouncy feel for your kids to enjoy their soothing sleep time every night. Following that, it also offers adequate comfort and enhanced pressure point relief. Not only that, but this foam layer also offers a good amount of body support along with even pressure distribution.

The USP of this kids’ mattress is the contouring technology, that’s the reason how your kids get the perfect alignment as well as posture during their sleep. This smart contour cutting is achieved with the use of an advanced CNC machine for your kids to experience better support differently at varying parts of the body. This mattress is ideal for teenage kids, more specifically.


  • Available in 6 and 8-inch thickness.
  • Offers a gentle feel.
  • It gets you enhanced bounce and air circulation.
  • Implemented with smart contour-cutting technology.

2) Kurl-On Rebel STR8

This Kurl-On mattress is one of the best picks for babies to attain a peaceful sleep. It is mostly because of the hypoallergenic nature. Thus, it means you might not have to worry about your little one experiencing allergic reactions while sleeping on your select mattress.

In India, this is probably one of the best types of toddler mattresses, which also offers better airflow and support. Thus, your kid will stay comfortable and dry all night long. It is backed with vertical compression and center densification technology alongside the comfortable PU foam quilting.

This Kurl-On mattress is made up of high-resilience PU foam, which offers a softer sleeping surface for babies. As your baby will need a flat and firm bed for comfortable sleep, this mattress has the adequate design to offer you that. Thus, it ensures that your baby will sleep peacefully throughout the required healthy hours.


  • Available in all standard sizes
  • PU foam quilting adds an extra layer of coziness.
  • Comes with a medium-firm feel

3) Eclipse International Bonnell Spring Mattress for Baby

The Eclipse International spring mattress is meant for the cosiness of babies and is considered the best mattress for children. It is covered with multi-layer and soft quilted fabric that’s perfectly designed for children. You can expect to attain the best health for your baby.

Your mattress comes in diverse sizes to support the child’s body completely. It is designed to offer proper spinal alignment for the kids in a soft yet firm manner. Thus, every part of your body will be exercised with optimal levels of pressure. The best thing about this mattress is the well-ventilated and supported Bonnell springs.

These springs offer immense contribution to a safe and good night’s rest for your child. Upon buying this product, you can expect your babies will attain proper care for all the babies. The quality and durability of the mattress are highly appreciated for this product.


  • Bonnell spring for added comfort
  • It comes with high-resilience foam and Turkish-felt comfort
  • Embedded with antimicrobial fabric
  • Offers two years of warranty

4) Sleepwell Mable Mattress

If your kids love the bouncy feel of their mattress, but you don’t want to compromise on their support and comfort needs, this Sleepwell mattress can meet your needs. It is one of the highest-value spring mattresses, which adds optimal bounce as well as movement support.

The top layer has a premium knitted fabric replicating the Euro finish. It is known for its high strength, smooth texture, plush feel and tear resistance. This top layer adds enhanced comfort layers, offering better aesthetics and plushness.


  • It offers a medium-firm feel.
  • Available in 6-inch thickness
  • Gives your kids responsive support for the body.
  • Offers a soft feel on the top layers.

5) Century Beddy Nest Natural Coir Latex Mattress for Kids

Beddy Nest is one of the most loved mattresses for kids, made up of natural latex and rubberised coconut fibre. It has also been certified to be “free of harmful chemicals’, which guarantees the mattress’s safety for the babies.

It comes with a natural and skin-friendly cotton cover with core materials, which keeps the mattress temperature optimally regulated. This ensures that the surface of the mattress will be gentle on the skin of the newcomers.

This beddy nest mattress will come with a free and washable waterproof cover, which ensures that your baby’s mattress stays hygienic. As per the major paediatric associations, your baby’s mattresses are expected to be firm to avoid certain health issues, and Bedd Nest adheres to that requirement.


  • Immensely breathable and skin-friendly.
  • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.
  • Comes with an antimicrobial fabric.
  • Offers one year of warranty.

6) Eclipse International Baby-Care Foam Mattress

This mattress might look similar to the other option of this brand listed in this article, but it is completely different because of the foam material used in it. With the Eclipse PU foam being used in it, you can expect a scientifically designed mattress with the use of pure foam, allowing your child to circulate and breathe air with ease.

Your kids will be provided with additional support, without the need for compromising a restful sleep. Be assured your kids will get a proper spinal alignment, ensuring an unhindered sleep.

It is literally one of the best toddler mattresses that offers utmost durability, ensuring you can use it for several years without losing your support or comfort. The super bond core of this mattress will maintain the spine health of your baby with proper support.


  • Better breathability.
  • Proper spinal alignment.
  • Gives a huggable feeling.
  • High-quality PU foam.

7) Sleepwell Pocket Spring-Basic (Achiever) Mattress

For your kids, Sleepwell is undoubtedly one of the best mattress brands, with some of the industry’s top products. Let your kids achieve the best quality sleep with the supportive feeling of the pocket springs, offering you uncomplicated comfort.

This mattress has a top layer of jacquard fabric that offers plush comfort and has an intricate design, which makes it thick and strong. The smooth finish ensures your kids will attain a very relaxing sleep.

The triple-layer quilting adds more gentleness to the surface feel and enhances the overall heat dissipation and airflow. This shall eliminate the humidity quotient and offer enhanced loft to the mattress than any other kids’ mattress listed here.


  • Offers responsive support to the body.
  • Available in 6-inch thickness.
  • Kids will get a medium-firm feel.
  • The top feels soft for the kids to fall asleep quickly.

8) Kurl-On Magnum Plus Coir Mattress

Kurl-On Magnum Plus coir mattress is another one of the ideal affordable luxury mattresses to get your hands on under ₹25,000. The mattress includes advanced centre coir densification technology with a natural pure coir core to offer comfort to your back.

Moreover, the polyurethane foam material keeps the mattress resilient for a long time with 7 years of manufacturer warranty. It has a unique tapestry quilt design to keep your sleeping position plush on the material, with an antimicrobial foam box top to optimise your sleep quality.


  • Advanced centre coir densification technology
  • Made up of antimicrobial foam box top.
  • The core is made up of natural pure coir.

9) Urban Ladder Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Urban Ladder offers its orthopaedic memory foam mattress product that comes with a plain knitted fabric and super soft foam quilting. It has four comfort layers that, when combined, offer you an immensely comfortable sleeping surface.

The memory foam quilting in the third layer will help contour your kids’ bodies and enhance sleep comfort. In the fourth-layer before the bottom surface, you get a durable and high-resilient foam for ensuring even pressure distribution.


  • Available in 6-inch thickness.
  • The memory foam layer adds immense comfort.
  • Durable and long-lasting.

10) Century Beddy Blossom Kids Mattress

Century is among the oldest mattress brands and is now offering quality products even for kids. The Beddy Blossom by Century is considered one of the most demanding and affordable picks, as it is made up of rubberised coir and high-density PU foam.

It has a natural coir core that makes the surface safe for kids to sleep on. This mattress is also breathable, hypoallergenic, and attractive, besides ideal cushioning. You can expect to attain better temperature regulation and water resistance.



  • Waterproof mattress
  • Friendly for the skin
  • Highly breathable
  • Mattress offers a firm feel.
  • Available in 4-inch thickness.


These are the ten amazing mattresses for kids to count on. Whether you intend to buy SleepyCat, Duroflex, Century or Sleepwell mattresses online, you must analyse what suits your kids’ needs the most.

Do look at the budget, comfort needs, age, and other such factors before deciding on the mattress. If you need any help, you can always talk to the respective brand experts for better knowledge on what would work well for a comfortable sleep for your kids.