10 Best Android Applications to Learn Coding

Charlotte Miller

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Programming is one of the most demanding industries to work on among employees. People want to develop their skills and get a high-paid job in recognized IT companies. Still, studying can decrease their ambitions by adding wrong stereotypes in their heads. For instance, people who want to join the programming community might think that only those who study exact sciences can understand coding principles. 

Anyway, today’s possibilities in studying programming are huge. It is natural for a coding beginner to ask, “please, do my programming assignment,” because, in this way, they can understand the solution better and easily cope with this task next time. Also, it is normal to use one of the following Android mobile tools to start coding today without limits. 

  1. Sololearn: learn to code for free

Create our account and start gaining new coding skills. Pass over 2000 lessons at your pace and check your knowledge with quizzes. This award-winning app is recognized among professional programmers, so if you want to work in a prominent IT company, you can mention that you’ve started your coding path with this app. Sololearn covers many topics to accomplish courses on such popular languages as C#, Java, SQL, and many more others.

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  1. Mimo: learn coding in HTML, JavaScript, Python

Set a goal and learn to code starting five minutes a day. The most significant benefit of Mimo is you can get a completion certificate and prove your skills with a document about the finished program to your employer. Practice coding with 13000+ easy-to-get exercises and understand HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, and Python fundamentals. Code anytime, anywhere, and unlock your web development path to a successful career by writing a program on your smartphone.

  1. Programming Hub: learn to code

This application is the ultimate guide to coding. Here represented lessons on Swift, R programming, SQL, C#, Java, Python, C, CSS, C++, and others. Collaborating with Google experts, this app is designed to get you ready for real-life coding challenges. Study the course you’ve chosen with new concepts. Visual content will help you to perceive information better and turn it into solid knowledge. 

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  1. Grasshopper

Using the gaming approach, this application gained the highest popularity among young programmers. Don’t wait for a sign when you want to create industry-standard JavaScript because it is already here! Get a task and solve the issue on your phone. If there is something wrong, you can always get an advanced explanation online. It is better than a teacher because you don’t need to be afraid of mistakes here but learn from them. 

  1. Learn C Programming

Start learning the C language with this tool if you have been dreaming about creating websites, apps, and even games. Determined by this goal, you can easily get multiple programming skills shortly. With this app, you get a built-in compiler to run your code both on your phone and other devices. Get acquainted with explanations on more than 100 C programs to understand the development process better. 

  1. Learn C++

Becoming an expert in the C++ language is not that hard as you think. Watch tutorials, practice coding, get your questions answered, and pass important exams. Learn with fun and bite through the toughest topics. You can find many interesting explanations on such subtopics as storage, basic calculations, decision making, repeating a task, and more. Enjoy ready-made programs on file handling, functions, data structures, and loop. 

  1. Learn Java

If you select to study Java, start learning with this application. Build a program shortly with newly gained skills on creating commands with a simple and ready-to-use interface. Use code examples to understand web, game, and mobile development with Java. Moreover, you can get your questions answered online by recognized experts of the Java community. Study without hurry to acquire skills for real assignments in a modern IT environment. 

  1. Enki: learn data science, coding, tech skills

This is the universal and multipurpose mobile platform to study new programming languages. Explore among vast topics library and extract essentials for your needs. Do your coding workout daily and build a habit of being engaged in programming daily. Here you can enhance your knowledge of more than 20 languages spread through 1500+ lessons.

  1. Learn Python: the ultimate guide

All students need to know about Python programming basics is one touch away! Look how many you can do right now, holding a smartphone in your hands. Just set a goal and motivate yourself with the digital document after finishing this mobile app course. Train with exercises, fix your new skills with quizzes, pass exams, get a certificate to verify your knowledge, and convince your employer to hire you!

  1. Learn game development with Unity & C#

If you are oriented toward developing games, welcome to study with this app. Explore game objects in Unity, get into Unity scripting, learn various data types, and implement your ideas with C# operations. Add anything you want to your gaming world. Among them could be audio, pictures, characters, outdoor and indoor objects. 

Learn to write your code with one or several apps from this list and see yourself that there is nothing impossible for IT beginners!